Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus say I unto thee at this time even now the business sector have found another avenue for their fear mongering and paranoia over Brexit in the guise of the Air Transport industry why this venue because they are running out of ways to express their opposition to Brexit all others being exhausted and having little or no effect on the efforts of that part of the British industry and the financial sector that is diametrically opposed to and seeks to reverse Brexit. Will they ever give up seeking for Britain to stay in the EU which in every respect is an intransigent straight Jacketed insecure organization which is not willing to change with the times and secure its internal border structure to deal with its internal security weaknesses and the lack of the means to restrict the movement of terrorists that enter Europe under the umbrella of people trafficking and migration. Before the policy on the freedom of movement of goods and people the Nations within Europe had full control over their borders which resulted not only in the security of their own Nation but others also. But the intransigent straight jacketed organization and government of the EU over this policy of free movement in the end if it continues will cause it to shatter and break apart. But the fears of the Air transport and tourist industry are groundless for as Britain takes its place on the Worlds stage the Air transport and tourist industry will expand beyond all expectations. The exportation of goods and services by air freight will never decrease especially in as far as certain Nations within the EU are concerned as their economies are linked to the certainty of their being able to continue exporting their goods and services to Britain after Brexit and that means by road and rail and by Air. In the end the relationship between the EU and the UK has to be a pliable one not only for the UK,s sake but the EU also because the EU and the UK will be in the near future interdependent on each other not only in as far as Trade and Industry but in the respect of the stability of both economises are concerned the UK might be leaving the EU in one respect but in another as shall be seen there shall be a greater unity and bond between the two Unions of the UK and the EU one reason being that the EU will have through the UK greater access to the global markets both in as far as trade and financial services are concerned especially tourism.

This is the Word of the Lord to thee

from the prophet of the Lord

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