Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus saith the Lord God of the whole of creation I who says and it comes to pass and who commands the whole of Nature and it obeys all that I command it so to do. Thus yet say I unto all the Nations yet have I struck those Nations that I have so struck for their great wickedness their unbelief and their disobedience to all of My Holy Law and Commandment and of their immorality which is no longer hidden but is on show for all to see that immorality that is strictly forbidden by My Holy Law, that immorality which is revealed in My Holy Word delivered to My people Israel and to the whole of mankind through My prophets rising up early and delivering to them all that I command them so to write down and to declare to all the people of every Nation so that they might have none excuse when I should come as I have to Judge all the Nations of the Earth as is so revealed and set down in the prophesies of My Holy Word that which of a truth was of a certainty set down to come to pass upon all of the Earth. Even those also who were true disciples of Immanuel the only true Messiah who declared to the Nations and people of their age all that I so commanded them to declare and also commanded what I revealed unto them to be written down so that the generations that followed after them might also have non excuse when they come before Me to Be Judged. Thus I have so struck the guilty Nations as I warned that I would and that I also declared unto them the consequences of taking none heed of the Word of warning so sent unto them even to all the Nations of the Earth. But still I say unto thee what hath thus far come to pass is but a shadow of that which is to befall the wicked immoral disobedient and rebellious and unbelieving Nations of the Earth for it is that as so said I have no joy in anyone’s death even the death of the wicked and the immoral Nations and peoples of the Earth but rather I would have it that they should turn from their immoral and great wicked and disobedient ways to obey My Word Law and commandments to be even saved from that wrath and anger now descending upon all the Nations of the Earth for if they repent not nor do turn from their wickedness immorality and unbelief and disobedience to all of My Holy Law and commandments then it is and shall be certain that these Nations that thus do not turn they shall be cast down even unto the dust of the ground and unto destruction they shall fall never more to rise ever again, even those which consider themselves to be the most powerful Nations upon the face of the Earth can I so cause to fall and be cast down in a morning and evening of but one day.

This is the Word of the Lord God unto thee

from the prophet of the Lord

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