Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus saith the Lord God of the whole of creation the only true living redeemer, thus say I unto thee that afore time I did say in the last days that there shall be many false prophets and false messiah’s who in My Name should lead many astray who indeed are not truly of Me nor speak in My Name nor have ought to do with Me or My people these indeed are those whose end is assured and for whom there is but one destiny after their lives have ended and they come before Me to be Judged even that place thou doth call hell which indeed is the bottomless pit the place of endless banishment from My presence who shall know and understand and shall feel the burning anguish of regret and the torment forever of My wrath and anger who shall be cast down even unto the very depths of the bottomless pit where there is weeping and wailing and the blackness of darkness forever. But their punishment from this time forth shall not begin in Judgment after their life on Earth has ended for these have I already Judged saith the Lord God of the whole of creation and found guilty of speaking lies and professing to be of Me and speaking great lies in My Name bringing My Kingdom and My Name into disrepute and causing many to be lead astray and into the bottomless pit even of a truth deceivers whom shall I at this time condemn even in their lives now upon Earth. I thus say unto these false prophets and messiahs thy crimes shall find thee out and the Sprit of all truth shall reveal that thou art of a truth false prophets and false messiahs and to whom thou doth truly belong and follow thou shall no longer be able to hide behind a veil of lies and deception no longer shall thou be able to profess that thou doth belong unto Me saith the Holy one of Israel for it shall be revealed to all to whom thou doth truly belong and in whose name thou doth truly prophesies even thy true god the father of lies the fallen one. For upon thou shall come one of the curses of a false prophet and false messiah even the curse of leprosy from which there shall be no cure. Thou shall I cast down and thou shall be to all around thee out casts ad all who see thee will point the finger and shall cast upon thee all manner of mockery and ridicule. Thou shall not escape either in this life or the next My true Just Judgment and condemnation. Thus by their deeds and the lies of their mouths shall ye know them.

This is the Word of the Lord God

from the prophet of the Lord

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