Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus say I unto thee that EU remainers are seeking to sabotage Brexit using the Labour party as the means to do so, the main saboteurs behind this being former Labour leaders and Conservative Brexit remainer politicians working in the background which implies the present Leader is not in control of his own party but is just a figure head. If the Labour party continues on this path all the ground it has gained will lost but not only that as I have set forth afore time a country divided cannot stand and a United country cannot fall and if the path the Labour party follows this path to its ultimate implied destination having a major influence on the direction of parliamentary voting in as far as Brexit is concerned will divide this Nation as it has never afore time been divided since the civil war. A transitional period will not work and in the end will cripple the United Kingdom both in the respect of trade and industry especial global trade. But also the stability of the whole of the British economic overall structure for a transitional period will prolong the uncertainty in as far as the business sector is concerned resulting in their unwillingness to invest in the future of their businesses not knowing what Brexit deal the Government of the UK is aiming for a hard or a soft Brexit. Any transitional period in as far as the UK is concerned will be for the UK and the EU a period of uncertainty subject to whichever direction the winds of political change will be blow the political landscape of Brexit at any one time. What now has to happen is for the whole of the Government and parliament to make its mind up as to what Brexit and Trade deal it wants for the UK from the EU setting out a full and comprehensive plan and goal and sticking to it no matter what and settling for nothing less no if’s, and’s, or’s or but’s it must be the Brexit the UK wants and the deal that the UK wants or no deal. Giving ground in any way shape or form will be seen as sign of weakness and division in as far as the negotiating team is concerned and has to be backed by the whole of parliament. But these warnings I give to the Labour party continue in the direction thou art going and thy destination will be the political wilderness of obscurity.

This the Word of the Lord God to thee

from the prophet of the Lord

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