Thus saith the Lord god of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus say I unto thee at this time I shall reveal unto thee what mankind truly lost when they fell and were cast out of Eden of which in My Word is limited by a few passages in Genesis saith the Lord God creator and redeemer of those of mankind who truly belong unto Me. What thou has to understand is that after I created the Heavens and the Earth as thou doth call it which was called Eden in the beginning I planted a garden eastward in Eden which is so set down in My Word which is a limited account of the creation and the fall of mankind until now of how the Universe came into existence, who created it, mankind’s creation and the fall. Mankind when they were first cast out and for a time truly understood what they had lost when they fell and were cast out of Eden but mankind has over time lost a true understanding of the true extent of mankind’s fall. As I have thus said and so saith My Word that I placed Adam and Eve (mankind) in the Garden I planted eastward in Eden to tend and to look after it of which they did. The whole of creation took seven days My days to complete but one of My days is to thee as a thousand or more of thy years which has thus been revealed as seven days to give mankind some idea of how long creation took but not as mankind understands days and of which I could have so created the Universe as thou doth call it in seven of thy days, but what has to be understood by thee time did not exist then so the whole of the time it took, thou must understand, cannot be measured for time only began when mankind was cast out of the Garden of Eden before that only eternity existed. Therefore to give thee an understanding of how long mankind existed after they were created in the garden before they fell thou first must understand time as said existed not death did not exist and all of Eden was looked after and attended to by the hosts of the heaven of heavens whom thou doth call angels each having a specific task and position in My kingdom while mankind looked after and attended to the care of My Garden. So calculation of time if place on that period looking at it from thy perspective mankind lived in the garden before the fall for countless millennium in perpetual peace happiness without fear only having a as thou wouldst put it a respectful fear like unto that of a son or daughter of their parents. But it was also a time from thy point of view of My conversing with My creation in the cool of the day for many millennium. But when mankind was cast forth mankind lived not for years nor hundreds of years but at least a thousand or more years for I said unto mankind go forth and multiply and fill the whole earth which if mankind was limited then to the span of mankind’s life now would have taken many more millennium than it hath taken the last one recorded to live that life span of a nearly a thousand years was Methuselah but even in his day mankind’s life span was hundreds of years no one live for less than at least a few hundred years. But it was as mankind over many generations did go forth and multiply and fill the earth so gradually did mankind’s life span decrease so that the Earth could support the many billions now in existence and mankind’s existence is limited and balance so that mankind can never expand beyond what the Earth as thou calls it can support. But one revelation I shall give thee and that is the source of thy mythology it is though corrupted beyond reason the memories of mankind’s existence before and after mankind fell of the Earth or Eden as it was before and after the fall.

This is the Word of the Lord God to thee

from the prophet of the Lord

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