Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus saith I unto thee of this Nation and Government at this time as My Word saith pride cometh before a fall but I say unto thee this also arrogance leads to the destruction of its possessor and those who rely upon them. But Humility and a Kind and generous heart brings with it success and the respect of all around those who possess those gifts. Thus to grasp at and to be determined to hold onto that which cannot be held onto is like seeking to hold onto and imprison the wind such is it for those who seek to hold onto power and high office. Thus I say as I have so said in My Word it is I who raise one up into high office and it is I who cast another down especially when they forget who it is that raised them up believing it is they alone who have gained the position they are now in by themselves and by their own strength. Thus there is one now who walks on the same path trod by another in the past of whose pride and arrogance caused that one to be cast out and fall even to the dust of the ground in the end and it shall be if this one continues upon this path so shall they meet with the same end as they even a fall and to be cast out it is a wise person who knows when their time in office is coming to an end and gracefully and willingly departs. But what has to be considered is that those who are full of pride and arrogance do not consider that if they fall whomsoever they will cause to fall with them especially those who are at the head of a political party or the head of a country or a Monarch that they have been given their office not for their own benefit but to be in charge of rule over and are to govern for the benefit of those over which they do so and upon whomsoever their people rely upon to lead them. The Arrogant and the proud in any office to which I raise them up into especially the Government of a Nations when their cup of arrogance and pride hath been filled up to the brim of My Wrath and anger it shall be poured out upon them unto their destruction.

This is the Word of the Lord God to thee

from the prophet of the Lord

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