Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus saith the Lord God unto thee of the Nations at this time that which hath recently befell thee even the disasters that have happened which is the striking of My swift and terrible sharp sword, is to put it in nautical terms a shot over thy bow warning thee if thou doth not take heed of My Word unto thee and do all as I have so commanded thee to do in the taking care of the poor and down trodden of thy Nation of the sick the elderly the disabled the orphan the homeless the destitute of thy civilization especially the poverty stricken young and provide help and sucker for those of the oppressed and down trodden Nations of the Earth suffering at the hands of cruel dictators and tyrants even that one who is the dictator and tyrant of the Korean peninsula of those also suffering from disease famine floods plagues and other such disasters. But more so of that which concerns obedience to all of My Holy Law and commandments and of unbelief in Me and the true and only saviour and Messiah and thy departure from all wickedness and immorality as said is but a warning of that which is to come upon thee in the striking of My swift and terrible sharp sword in the form of the disasters that are about come upon thee for note ye this that whilst I have taken from the majority of those I have so struck taking away only their possessions and not their lives this is to not only warn of the wrath to come but that what really matters is not thy possessions which can easily be replaced but thy lives which can never be replace I have in the main caused My wrath and anger to pass over rather would I strike thee in this way and give thee the chance of turning from thy great wickedness immorality and disobedience to all of My Holy Law and commandments than cause the end of thy life upon earth having no chance to turn and repent and live holy pure and obedient prosperous lives than come before Me to be Judge and cast out into outer darkness. But it is also when I say it is but as it were a shot over thy bows is that thus far thou of the Western Nations have lived virtually in the lap of luxury whilst the rest of the World lived in dire poverty and destitution some at the hands of tyrants and cruel dictators who robbed them of all they had even basic living conditions which doth continue to this day which is evidenced by the existence of the crowded slums of many countries whilst those who govern those Nations live in the lap of luxery having no thought for the plight of the poor poverty stricken and down trodden people of their Nation especially the young. The attitude of many of the wealthy Nations of Earth is that as long as they are alright and living comfortable protected prosperous lives and everything is running smoothly and life continues as it hath for decades nothing else matters casting from heir minds the plight of their fellow human beings having little or no consideration for the true their true living conditions even more so of the people of the third world Nations their attitude is all that matters is their selfish comfortable materialistic lives. But as said if the warning I have given is not heeded all that will now follow is as set down in My Word and the prophesies therein set down fulfilled unto perfection. All is about to change in as far as the wealth of the Nations of the West if they continue to follow the path they have followed for the many past decades and do continue to follow especially in as far as obedience to all of My Holy Law and commandments thus far I have taken away from many their possessions and not their lives as a warning and so shall it continue either unto the time that the Nations do change direction and heed My warnings or the I command My swift and terrible sharp sword to strike the Nations with the full fury of My wrath and anger causing many of the disobedient wicked rebellious unbelieving Nations of the Earth to cease to exist thereon. For I gave not the West the wealth is has been given for itself alone but along with it the responsibility of using it to caring for those of humanity who needed help.

This is the Word of the Lord God to thee.

From the prophet of the Lord

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