Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus say I unto thee at this time that in as far as North Korea is concerned the Leader of that Nation is more of a danger to his own Nation than he is to the rest of the World the main danger is not the leader of North Korea but Americas volatile Leader he had better be careful of being made a fool of by the North Korean Leader who is obviously trying to bait him into taking action of which will alienate many far eastern Nations including Japan and China by taking pre-emptive strike action which could lead to a major conflict in that region of the World. What has to be taking into account is the veracity of the claims of North Korea to be able to actually place a Nuclear warhead in one of his missiles any one can construct what on the surface looks like the shell of a Nuclear warhead and also any Nations leader could create an underground explosion to simulate an underground Nuclear test the conclusive proof of a Nuclear weapon would be a surface test which so far has been none existent any Leader of a Nation seeking to prove to the World that they had Nuclear weaponry would prove conclusively that they had such weaponry by an unmistakeable surface test. But assuming the possibility that the Leader of North Korea has such a weapon and the test was a genuine one there is yet one stage to prove that North Korea has such a weapon and that is an actual test of a Nuclear war headed Ballistic Missile and this is where the Leader of North Korea would be a danger to himself and his own Nation because of the instability of his ballistic missiles liability on take off to explode. Like as I saith the Lord of Host hath said he is seeking to provoke the present American Leader into taking an action he would later come to regret. North Korea is a poverty stricken country verging on bankruptcy with the threat of further sanctions hanging over its head the action of this North Korean Leader is not the actions of a war mongerer but the act of a desperate Leader whose country is facing economically an imminent collapse and its Nation facing extreme poverty the Leader of which because of pride and arrogance will in no circumstances admit the true state of his Nation one of the basic reasons being that it is the Leaderships fault the country is in the state it is. This has been the actions of past Nations and leaders that they would rather go to war than admit their failure and the actual state of their Nation even of one who thought that war and conquest was the way out of the inevitable economic collapse of his poverty stricken Nation.

This is the Word of the Lord to thee

From the prophet of the Lord

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