Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus say I unto thee of this Nation and the Nations of Europe think thee that I shall Passover thee and forgo the striking of My swift terrible sharp sword not so for as I have so struck many Nations because of their hard heartedness and their deaf ears to My Warning and the Word that I have put before them as concerning unbelief great wickedness and vast immorality and the breaking of My Holy Law and commandments, so shall My wrath and anger and My swift terrible sword strike thee. Thus as I have done with the other Nations so shall I do with the continent of Europe so say I unto thee if thou doth cast of all of thy wicked and immoral ways and also thine unbelief and that thou doth turn unto Me and even attempt to obey all of My Holy Law and Commandments that I should turn away My great wrath and anger and that I should begin to prosper thee that indeed I shall pass thee by and not punish thee as I have the other Nations. But this I warn thee of obey not and take none heed and it shall be that I shall pour out My wrath and anger upon thee and the swift terrible sword of My Wrath and anger shall strike all the Nations of Europe so much so that, that which has happened in America will seem like a drop in the Ocean. But it shall be well that thus far in punishing the Nations that they take heed of all that has taken place they and the rest of their Nation for it is that thus far have I been lenient and merciful in that not only could they have lost their possessions but their lives, but if none heed is taken and the hard heartedness and the deafness continues then as they have been hard heart towards Me and My Word and as they have been deaf unto My warnings so shall I be inaccessible to them and as they have been deaf to My Warnings and to My Word so shall the heavens in as far as their prayers are concerned be as brass they shall not be heeded nor heard . The full fury of My wrath and anger shall be unleashed upon them. I have said to all that these are the days of troubles for the Nations of the Earth and that the only way to survive this time of troubles is to turn from thy wicked and immoral disobedient unbelieving ways and to come before Me in deep humility seeking forgiveness and being joined unto Me for with Me alone at this time I shall be thine only refuge in these troubled and stormy days even the days of the end times.

This is the Word of the Lord to thee

from the prophet of the Lord

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