Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus say I unto the Nations of a Middle Eastern coalition who have laid siege to one Nation and bombed the civilian population of another and have sought to excuse their actions in doing so by accusing without concrete proof that the rebels have done much more harm than they have by the robbing the civilian population and the poor by their hijacking of aid and selling it to aid the rebels war effort and rebellion against the legitimate Government and robbery of Billions of pounds and are guilty of many other crimes against the civilian population. Yes indeed their actions are by Me saith the Holy One of Israel are and shall be condemned and they shall suffer because of their actions at Mine own hand for thievery and other crimes against the civilian population especially is the breaking of My Holy Law and Commandments and their thieving from the poor and the homeless and the destitute and young of that Nation but more so is condemnable by My Holy Law is the indiscriminate killing by bombardment of the civilian population and shall be reward by the striking of My swift and terrible sharp sword for My Holy Law says thou shall not kill and whomsoever does so shall be in danger of being Judge and cast into the bottomless pit forever, but say I this accusations without proof are the actions of the followers of the Adversary be careful whom thou accuse acts of thievery and of terrorism and the killing of civilians without concrete proof that whom thou accuse of such acts are beyond all doubt guilty of their crimes as thou art beyond all doubt guilty of thine as soon I will most surely visit thee in Judgement for this saying is and shall be applied unto thee Judge not least thou shalt be Judged for whatsoever Judgment ye Judge others thou shalt also be Judged thereby thy self for the breaking of My Holy Law and Commandments until now and not just for the actions of thy coalition in Yemen and accusations against Qatar for My ledger is full of thy crimes/sins in the breaking of My Holy Law and commandments of which thou shalt not ever escape My Judgment of thee.

This is the Word of the Lord God unto thee.

from the prophet of the Lord

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