Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus at this time it is that My Just Judgment and the punishment due shall come upon those who do as the Saudi Arabia Lead coalition have done to the civilian population of Yemen and the unsubstantiated claims made against Qatar of its involvement in terrorism of which My Judgement of them and the punishment due for their crimes shall be executed forth with upon the coalition and upon all who commit such crimes against defenceless civilians and of making false accusations against a Nation which is Judged innocent until proven without doubt guilty of committing the crime they are accused of. As said My ledger of the crimes of Saudi Arabia and of the coalition members have all be set down therein of which due punishment for these crimes thus listed and Judged guilty of is also listed down at the side of their crimes and shall be executed also according to My Holy Will and at the time I have so decreed as also I shall do unto the Leader and regime of Syria when I set it down that when he believes he has been successful in reclaiming Syria as his own then My Just Judgment shall be meted out upon him and his regime, there is a time set for everything under the Sun as I have so ordained it and so it is with My Judgment and punishment of all those who commit crimes against humanity and crimes/sins in the disobedience and the breaking of My Holy Law and commandments think not ye guilty ones that because there is a delay in the punishment due descending upon thee I have forgotten to do so I am not as ye are and I forget not one iota of all the acts words and thought of mankind past present and future of belief and unbelief of obedience and disobedience of wicked acts and righteous ones of obedience to My Moral Law and the committing of all immorality in thought Word and deed. Nothing that is done upon the Earth is hidden from Me saith the Lord God of the whole of creation for I know thee as thou knowest thyselves and do see into the innermost places of mankind’s heart and mind and spirit unto perfection. As I see know and understand so also do I Judge and meet out punishment when due at the time I have so set down and ordained it to be so.

This is the Word of the Lord God unto thee.

from the prophet of the Lord.

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