Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus now it is that I warned thee of that which hath now befallen those Nations which have thus suffered My wrath and anger descending upon them and do warn thee of which they have to suffer yet even the southern part of North America I have thus struck but two pats thus far of that Nation with these unprecedented hurricanes not only to execute My Just Judgment upon that Nation and the Nations thus far struck but to reveal unto thee that it is I alone who control and command what thou doth call Nature these storms have nought to do with climate change or the pollution of the environment by mankind for nothing that mankind hath done nor will do will ever affect the climatic structure of the Earth as a whole nor will aught than mankind does will ever affect the Earths weather patterns they are all ordained to follow that path set down by Me saith the Holy One of Israel everything works out according to that plan set down By Me before the Earth the planets the stars the Galaxies where ever created like every good master builder must have a plan to work to build any structure so also in all eternity I did set down the perfect plan for the whole of creation which is has and ever shall be worked out unto perfection and nothing that mankind does will ever alter that plan for without order is confusion and as I am the creator of all things so also order is a part of My Nature and My plan for the whole of creation, for without order there is confusion and therefore if there was no order in the Universe and upon the Earth the whole could never exist everything and everyone has their place in the Universe the planets the stars and the Galaxies in their course is fixed and can never be altered as also with mankind all things in their time and place and existence as said before work out according to My Holy Will and purpose and cannot and will not alter one iota. I it is who says and it comes to pass commands and it is done so is it with these disastrous events these are but a warning and an example of that which is to come upon all the Nations of mankind for their great wickedness immorality idolatry and the breaking of My Holy Law and commandments and because of the deafness to My warnings and hardness of their hearts for their miss use of the resources of the earth in wasting them upon riotous luxurious living and costly unnecessary exploration of this solar system which only hath thus far satisfied the curiosity of thy scientist yielding no concrete benefit to mankind whilst the poor poverty stricken Nations of the Earth suffer in dire poverty whilst even the poor down trodden homeless and destitute of thine own Nation live without a roof over their heads cloths on their backs a proper bed to sleep in and proper medical attention whilst the elderly of the Nation are in no way respected and cared for by their off spring as they should be after it was that they were brought into the world and care for and looked after since birth until leaving home what doth My Word say respect thy father and mother that thy life upon the earth maybe long and fruitful. Thus I say this for all of thy sins crimes unbelief and great wickedness and hardness of heart have and are all the disaster come and are yet to come upon all of the Nations of the Earth. Thus it is I would that instead of pouring out wrath and anger upon thee I would and could have poured out upon thee rivers of blessing the blessings of the former rain and the later rain of prosperity peace happiness and an Earth free from war poverty unhappiness and all that is contrary to the well being of mankind if only thou wouldst obey to My Holy Will Law and Commandments and cast off all of thine unbelief in Me and My Word.

This is the Word of the Lord God unto thee.

from the prophet of the Lord.

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