Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus say I unto thee at this time in as far as that which hath come upon thee thus far even those disasters that have at present befell thee in that place that they thus far have come about even these are the punishment of those lands and Nations for their great wickedness unbelief and disobedience of all of My Most Holy Law and Commandments thus have I in the past warned thee of that which was to come upon thee but those warnings fell upon deaf ears and blind eyes caused through unbelief and an hardness of heart yet ye havve sought to attribute these disasters to Nature the environment pollution or global warming as the scientists call it, why? because you want not to admit to thyselves and to others that I exist that it is I who rule all things both on Earth in the heavens and in the heaven of heavens and why is this because admitting to My existence and that it is I saith the Lord God who do rule over the whole of creation that I hold the Universe in the palm of My hand and that as My will is done in the heaven of heavens so also it is done in all of creation especially upon and in the Earth that all things work together for good to the glory of My Holy Name that the time of the punishment of mankind is now taking place that thou art faced with the reality that no longer will I tolerate mankind’s great wickedness no longer will I hold back My wrath and anger from descending upon the inhabitants of the Earth that the time of reckoning for all the unbelief and wicked depraved immoral and rebellious acts of mankind against Me thy creator and My Word Law and commandments. That it is also no longer will I await thy passing from this life to come before Me in Judgment to be Judged and punished or acquitted through the true eternal Passover Lambs blood even the only true Messiahs, as have all who have gone before thee. Look at that which hath befallen those lands these recent disaster have struck three hurricanes one after another an unprecedented earthquake a hurricane changing direction to strike the coast land of which the earthquake struck and the many disasters the world over all happening almost at once and mainly causing loss of property and possessions and not as yet lives and as said possessions can be replaced lives cannot thus say I the chance for mankind to change direction is coming to an end and then shall the full fury of My wrath and anger be poured out upon all of the Nations of the Earth and upon all of mankind thus say I turn and repent and obey all of My Holy Law and commandment whilst ye yet can for there is a time coming that the heavens will be as brass and that the chance for mankind to turn from their wicked rebellious ways will have ended thus these are the days of the fulfilment of those prophesies which revealed what was to come upon the Earth in the last days spoken and written down by the prophets of old in My Word.

This is the Word of the Lord God unto thee

from the prophet of the Lord

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