Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus saith the Lord God creator of the whole of the Universe over the issues raised by a former prime minister over Brexit what has to be considered is his credentials which from his present statements are starting to make him look like a medieval court Jester to put it in thy vernacular. But one of the main issues that first must be considered and that is one of the main reasons for the UK leaving the EU and that is Sovereignty what must be asked of thee what do ye consider a conquered Nation either by stealth or by force or even by acquiescence with a conqueror, it is the ruling over a Nation by another Nation having no say in how that country is governed in all the aspects of Government or Law or trade and commerce and this is the position the UK was and still is in until it leaves the EU sink or swim but as Britain was and still is a seafaring Nation sinking is out of the question. Which takes Me saith the Lord God back to the former Prime Minister; whose character and passed actions in government are most questionable and his proposals to virtually remain in essence a conquered country by remaining in the EU ruled by Brussels and accepting being ruled by the EU government which will make sure that the UK in future will have no means of leaving even if it wanted, if it does remain. What is that anthem ” Rule Britannia” and ” Britons never never will be slaves ” will never again be able to be sung and as it will be with all the other Nations subject to the EU government in Brussels. The National flags of all the member states will disappear and be replaced by the EU’s flag even as the American Confederate Flag disappeared when it was in essence conquered by the North and replaced by the present American Flag and rule from the Whitehouse. Closer union with the EU means self rule goes out of the window as so to speak which it has and is with the twenty seven other Nations in the process of doing so. But as concerning immigration and border control as others have pointed out a recent Prime Minister proposed EU reforms on these and other grounds and was rejected in the most undemocratic manner the EU could reject the UK’s Prime Minister Proposals which resulted in the referendum. But about the immigration control which could have been put in place the freedom of the movement of goods and people no matter what immigration border controls within the EU could be put in place the restriction of the movement of people would not have halted nor restricted the dangers from terrorism only full border control could take away the terrorist usage of the free movement of people to their own advantage.

This is the Word of the Lord God to thee.

From the prophet of the Lord

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