Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus say I unto thee of the Nations in as far as the persecution of the innocent civilians tantamount to ethnic cleansing in Myanmar why do the Nations around about stand idly by doing nought to deal with the criminal acts of that Nation against its own people and why is there none upon its borders willing to take in refugees and other Nations not will in to provide aid to these people no matter what they believe they are not deserving of suffering the cruel criminal acts committed against them. The people of that Nation have no right to persecute or condemn or Judge them the right to Judge and condemn a people is My right alone and until they come before Me in Judgment their humanity should be respected and their lives preserved. Also why do not the Nations of similar beliefs to these not seeking to aid them when those Nations profess to be humanitarian Nations especially towards those who hold to the same beliefs as they do. Hypocrites are all the Nations of the Earth who say and protest against such crimes and take no action to halts such acts of ethnic cleansing ye are all words and no action especially that so called humanitarian organization called the United Nations who are first to voice their concerns and the last to take effective action thy organization is but an empty vessel a sounding brass instrument of little consequence as hath been seen also in the crisis in North Korea. It is little wonder that the Nation which commit such acts as this Nation hath done without fearing the consequences of their actions. Most assuredly there are indeed consequence for the actions of this Nation and for those Nations which have done nought to alleviate the suffering of these people and the taking of No action against this Nation and its government for as ye have of the west suffer by the sword of My wrath and anger striking the Nations of the Caribbean and the south of North America so also shall this Nation so suffer the full fury of My wrath and anger as also shall those Nation where in they could have found refuge and those Nation which could have aided and help these people. The responsibility for this genocide if nought is done about it shall be laid at not only this Nation door but of all those who do nothing but stand on the side lines doing nothing this say I ye shall not escape the consequence of thy actions.

This is the Word of the Lord God to thee

from the prophet of the Lord

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