Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus say I unto thee at this time in as far as North Korea is concerned as hath been seen in both China and Russia’s reluctance to get involved in the situation in Myanmar reveals also its commitment to reigning in the actions and rhetoric of North Koreas provocation of Western Nations with its threats of retaliation for the sanctions imposed on North Korea, its Leader and its regime was weak at most and lacking real enthusiasm in its efforts to do so. The sanctions imposed on North Korea by the UN saw Chinas and Russia’s lack of enthusiasm in agreeing to the sanctions and the only reason for agreeing to the sanctions was because if they hadn’t agreed then the rest of the UN would have virtual accused China of backing the North Korean regime and its leader. But indeed is China really on the side of the western Nations will it support North Korea just because it is a buffer between the western Nations and China as the last thing China wants or will tolerate is specifically the western and especially American armament and troops on its borders. Therefore were will its allegiance lay if conflict broke out, with North Korea and its Leader, or with western Nations and the UN. China is between a rock and a hard place it seems but what has to be considered is the confidence shown by the North Korean Leader in the threats he has made that he is confident if conflict broke out he would have the full support of the Chinese government. Why is he confident? Because if his Nation was an independent isolated Nation without the support of a major World power if it came to the crunch he and his Nation by now would have backed down and sought dialogue with the west to resolve the situation peacefully instead of making the threats he has and the arrogant attitude he has displayed and his confidence in the backing of another if conflict broke out and also the lack of the signs seeking dialogue with the west to resolve the situation peacefully. One Nation being an example of the path the Leader would have taken if North Korea was in the same position as Iran, without another Nations support in a crisis would have been the same agreements Iran made with the west on its Nuclear weapons program to reverse the sanctions imposed by the west and being able once again freely to trade on a global scale. The whole of the situation of North Korea and its attitude to the west and the threats it has made are based upon its relationship and confidence in the Chinese governments backing. Only China can really resolve this situation and its reluctance to do so reveals its true position in relation to North Korea its leader and the Western Nations.

This is the Word of the Lord God unto thee.

from the prophet of the Lord.

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