Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus say I unto thee in as far as the Brexit Negotiations are concerned and the welcomed willingness of the UK government Leader to compromise must not be restricted to just certain aspects of the negotiations there has to be a willingness for both sides to compromise on the whole of the Brexit negotiations not just one party willing to compromise and the other to take a hard line position as it seems that is the position of the EU government and as has been right from the beginning when article fifty was declared by the UK government in a letter to the EU president. The stumbling block in these negotiations has not been the unwillingness of the UK to broker a deal beneficial to both sides but the unwillingness of the EU to compromise as it declared when it drew its line as so to speak in the sand beyond which it would not go or in their words their red line was declared beyond which they would not go. In other words they declared what their demands were in as far as Brexit was and is concerned of the UK and so far in that respect they have not budged as so to speak so much as an inch or a centimetre which means that theirs is an uncompromising hard line position which will not change no matter what, so the willingness of the UK government is going to be an exercise in futility and disappointment as the only compromise from the UK that the EU government wants which can be gathered from the various speeches made by its negotiator and the Head of the EU government is for Britain to surrender or give to all that the EU demands of Britain in as far as Brexit is concerned. Which has been the position of the EU since the former leader of the Government went to the EU seeking for certain reforms to be implemented by the EU which then resulted in a deal not worth the paper it was written on which in effect revealed the EU’s attitude towards Britain as they thought Britain was gullible enough to accept anything they offered but got the shock of their lives when the UK voted to leave the EU the vote which indeed rocked the EU to its foundations. But one thing is still evident is their attitude towards the British and Britain they think in the end Britain will give into its demands and that’s exactly what they are demands without any compromise whatsoever. Therefore all the waffle that is coming from the various parties opposed to Brexit is and will be is so much hot air when they all come to realise what the UK’s real position has been right from the day it entered the EU until now the EU’s piggy bank how many Nations in the EU have profited from the UK’s membership and why is it so adamant on seeking to keep the UK in the EU which other Nation would they go to the lengths they have with the UK to stop them leaving? One example of their attitude towards the UK is their proposal to move the financial canter of Europe to Brussels and another is Frances seeking to entice British Businesses to move to the main land and also seeking trade deals with Britain’s main trading partners no matter what. There will be in the end on one way to leave the EU and that is the hard way when Britain wakes up to what deal the EU really is seeking from Brexit which is in the end to make the UK the poor man of Europe.

This id the Word of the Lord God to thee

From the prophet of the Lord

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