Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob unto thee

Thus say unto thee because of thy hardness of heart towards the civilians of The Yemen thy cruelty even unto thine own people and Nation and of the cruelty of thy coalition. Thus say I, I it is that who drew thee from out of the desert waste lands and made of thee and thy coalition many prosperous Nations so it is that by whirlwind and fire can I return thee there unto to wander the desert wastelands forever if thy cruelty and tyranny does not cease. But it is that not only did I raise thee up but made thee prosperous in all that thou hast done from the time thy wandering ceased until now. But how hath thou repaid Me for thy prosperity and thy wealth and thy standing upon the Worlds stage being respected and honoured amongst all the Nations of the Earth thus say I continue thou and thy coalition and as I have said so shall I do. Thus say I stop thy bombing of the civilians of the Yemen refrain for causing the civilians populations to starve because of thine attacks on their fishing boats seek ye both the Government thyselves and the rebels a peaceful solution to this civil war for in the end this war will profit no one for as said most surely I can and shall destroy the oil fields of the Yemen yea indeed thou hast seen that which I have done unto the western Nation for all their crimes against Me and Mine own and by their inaction against those that cause the deaths of many civilians in Syria refusing to get involve and stop the killing of innocent civilians. Also because of their wallowing in the lap of luxury and having comfortable lives whilst two thirds of the word sunk further and further into poverty being ravaged by famine pestilence starvation lack of medical help the prosperity I gave unto them was not to just waste it away on luxurious and comfortable living but to share with those of the World that were in desperately need. Thus as they have done so hast thou done thou hast sown to the wind and most assuredly thou shall reap the like they of the western Nations the whirlwind of My wrath and anger if thou dost not stop thy war mongering against innocent civilians as in My eyes was and is the Leader of Syria so art thou becoming and as his end is set in stone so shalt thine be.

This is the Word of the Lord God unto thee.

From the prophet of the Lord.

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