Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus say I unto thee upon the present effort of the UK government to break the deadlock of the Brexit negotiations thus care must be taken by the present government of the UK not seem to be displaying signs of weakness in seeking to break the deadlock by giving into the demands of the EU government for if it has as it has obviously done so, drew its line beyond which it will not go, in the sand of these negotiations so also should the UK declare the same both sides I say must of necessity be willing to give ground equally for if one is and the other is not then the one giving ground by the other will be seen as signs of weakness of which the side not willing to give ground will strike like a coiled snake at the opportunity of using those signs of weakness to their advantage and in certain respects it will be a repeat of the former Prime Ministers weak performance in seeking EU reformation not just for the UK’s benefit but for the security and safety of the whole of the EU, resulting in an a deal not worth the paper it was written on and upon returning to the UK was forced to call a referendum on EU membership. Thus it is now the die has been cast and the attitude of the EU government and its negotiator is that in the end the UK will because it is a weak will Nation and government give in to all that the EU demands in the Brexit negotiations if the EU holds its ground long enough and gives not a inch or a centimetre in to the British Government, which if the rumours are to be believed that is what the British Government and its leader is going to do exactly that, but it is that I know that is not the case and the EU government is going to be bitterly disappointed. But all the same as afore said for the deadlock of these negotiations to be ended both sides have to cease making demands of each other and seek common grounds on which both side can negotiate constructively to benefit both side and in the end broker a deal that is agreeable to all parties on both sides of these negotiations so that beneficial trading relations between the UK and the EU will be a profitable and friendly partnership of the two Unions of the Western World. The alternative is that both will part more as enemies than friends which will lead to the dissolution of one and the fall of the other and as has happened in the past could eventually lead to a conflict of interests or even worse.

This is the Word of the Lord God to thee.

from the prophet of the Lord.

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