Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus say I unto thee at this time O House of Israel My chosen Nation and people a people by Me chosen to bear My Holy Name and to build Me a House wherein My Name is to reside upon the place which I did chose in times past whereon it should be builded. Thus say I have return thee after the time of thy wanderings that ye may be purged of all of thy sins/crimes and great wickedness, unbelief and for thy rebellion and disobedience of all of My Holy Law and commandments and those statues as revealed in My Word for thee to adhere to. Therefore as I did promise so have I done I have returned thee to the Land of Promise and yet as I returned thee sought once more to dwell amongst thee and to once more have My name reside therein in My Holy City and in the House to My Holy Name yet thou wouldst not. But where as I have return thee to the Land of Promise given to Abraham and his descendants forever thou hast not return unto Me and since thy return have I not blessed thee and protected thee from all of thine enemies and give thee the victory over all of those who have sought thy destruction. Yet it is thy heart has become hardened and thine ears deaf to My Word long it is that I desired of thee to return unto Me but thou wouldst not following all the ways of the Nations around about thee I was like unto a mother hen seeking to gather her chicks under her wings to protect them from all harm and those who would devour them but ye would not. Therefore as thou hast abandoned Me My Word and obedience to all of My Holy Law and commandments though I shall not cast thee forth from the Land of promise and shall not take away thine inheritance I shall take away thy prosperity and thou if thou dost not return unto Me suffer both spiritual and physical famine and as I have and shall punish the Nations for breaking of all My Holy Commandments and Holy Law even the Torah so shall I punish thee with whirlwind and fire with plague and famine so that thou may see and know that it is a most dreadful thing to suffer My Wrath and anger against thee and thou mayest Know that Israel all of Israel belongs unto Me I unto thee. But and if thou doth return I shall purge thee of all of thy sins/crimes against Me and My Holy Law and shall increase thy prosperity ten times tenfold I shall purge also the whole of the Land of promise of all that doth pollute it and once more Jerusalem shall be My Holy City wherein My Name shall reside in the house to My Name as is prophesied in My Word so shall it come to pass and thus also for these end times all that is set forth in My Holy Word shall be fulfilled perfectly.

This is the Word of the Lord God unto thee.

from the prophet of the Lord.

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