Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus saith the Lord God unto thee at this time in as far as the present Government is concerned it will not survive much longer never mind unto the next general election. One of its main failures topping a catalogue of failures is its Brexit strategy in that whilst the EU set out its Brexit negotiating stall for all to see in as far as the UK’s leaving the EU after article fifty was declared what its precise negotiating strategy would be in as far as Brexit was concerned and drawing a red line beyond which the EU would not go in the negotiations and in as far as what it would be demanding from the UK before offering what it would consider as good deal to the UK. But the present UK government did the opposite by seeking to play its Brexit negotiating cards close to its chest and keeping not only the EU in the dark as to the what the party in governments plans and strategy would be in as far as the Brexit negotiations were concerned but also the British electorate and the Business community of the UK to which they are have to answer to, for they are elected to serve the British Electorate who placed them in government to govern the UK responsibly on behalf of the whole of the UK electorate thus the result of leaving the business community and the British electorate in the dark lead to last general election Party in governments debacle which the Leader of the Party should have admitted defeat and resigned along with the party in government instead of clinging to power virtually by their finger tips which would have lead to the country preparing for another general election which has only been by the actions of the Party in government delayed but is inevitable. To say that the present party in government is not fit to govern the UK is an understatement. For the catalogue of their failures apart from Brexit is extensive. When the last Prime Minister resigned after giving the British Electorate a referendum upon EU membership and the resultant vote should have lead to a General Election and not to just a New Party leadership election so that the Electorate could decide afresh which party was fit in their eyes not only to lead the Brexit negotiations and keep the public and the business sector informed on their Brexit plans and negotiating strategy but also to Govern the UK on their behalf sensibly. Thus it is that the EU’s Brexit Negotiations are a well organised precise strategy and it knows in which direction it wants the negotiations to go on the other hand the UK governments is a disorganised shambles without direction or purpose.

This is the Word of the Lord God to thee

from the prophet of the Lord

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