Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus say I unto thee that little notice can be taken of the Leader of the American government as hath been proven by his past rhetoric and the lack of action following there from unlike My warnings that hath been given to the Leader and country of North Korea once by word the second by a mild earthquake the next action that I shall take saith the only true God and redeemer and creator of mankind if he and his Nations regime do not change their ways and cease from their provocative actions and rhetoric and curb their weapons program in as far as their Nuclear Missile program is concerned the next action I shall take shall not be a warning but My wrath and anger with MY swift terrible sword descending upon the very heart of that Nation. But and well should that Nation and its Leader take notice of all that I thus far have struck the Nations of the Earth with for their disobedience to My Holy Law and commandments and for their great wickedness and immorality if it and he doubts that I can and will do what I have so declared to do. For it is that the blood of many of the people of that Nation cries out to Me from ground for vengeance and My Just Judgment to strike down that Leader and his regime from the ground wherein they lie and thus I say vengeance is Mine saith the Lord I shall repay that regime for not only seeking to provoke a war with the Nations of the Earth with their missile and nuclear program but for the tyrannical and cruel treatment of their people. The words of both sides to Me are as so much as thou would say it so much hot air but their action shall reap their own reward of whirlwind and fire and the trembling of the Earth beneath their feet. But the actions taken against the people of that Nation demand My Just Judgment to descend upon them, like My Word says and I have said many a time I have no Joy in the death even of the wicked but rather would I have them turn from their wickedness and begin to obey all of My Holy Law and Commandments especially that one which saith thou shalt not Kill and whoever does so is in danger of Judgment and being there from punished By Me saith the only true Lord of Lords and King of Kings even He who sits upon the throne of the heaven of heavens and whose foot stool is the Earth and all that in it is.

This is the Word of the Lord God to thee

from the prophet of the Lord

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