Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus say I upon the Brexit Negotiations saith the Lord God of the Host of the heavens and the heaven of heavens that there is only one of two outcomes that the EU government will seek in as far a the Brexit negotiations are concerned and the only one of these two they will aim for is for Britain to fully remain within the EU and that is as it was before the referendum, the other is for the UK to be totally out of the EU without any concessions or deals paying all that they consider the UK owes and will only accept what they consider their due no more no less whatsoever and in as far as the transitionory period that is being put forth by both parties in government and in opposition the EU will not agree to in any way whatsoever these negotiations in the EU’s eyes have but one agenda in as far as it is concerned and that is to keep the UK in the EU no matter what and they will use any and all means at their disposal to achieve that goal. Of course they don’t want a hard Brexit because they don’t want any Brexit soft or hard at all and a soft Brexit has never been on the table, if any of the politicians in the UK government had the eyes to see with they would have realised what the EU was up to long before now. Therefore I put it to thee that all of the negotiations are in the end going to be a waste of time if Britain in the end leaves by whatsoever means the result will be the same no trade deal no transitionory period no concessions and a seeking by the EU as a means of punishing the UK for having the audacity to even consider leaving the EU never mind doing so, by seeking to isolate the UK from any and all relations with the EU in trade and finance and in any other way they can including co-operation on all matters as pertaining to security crime and terrorist related activity. As I said if the politicians and the political parties had the eyes to see what the EU’s attitude towards the UK really was and is. There would have been put before parliament but one of two choices in or out no in betweens no negotiating no dithering only positive clear and precise action in or out and with the attitude of the EU which obviously the UK government including the opposition is blind to but is in plain sight and as thou would say as plain as the nose on thy faces, that even the most illiterate of humanity could and can see there would have been and should now be but one course of action to be taken and to the Government I say thou knowest what that is and should have been acted upon before now. If the leaving the EU by the UK was on the basis of friendly cooperation between two Nation or as in this case is two Unions then long before now there would already have been put in place a beneficial agreements by both sides on how the negotiations would progress no enmity no hard and fast demands no seeking reparations by either side no seeking by dirty and underhanded means to steal the others trade with other countries by offering better trading concessions so that they would make trade agreement with them instead of trading with the one with which they are supposed to be having honest and open and friendly negotiations with also seeking to encourage their business to desert their country by bribing them by offering better trading conditions and support and premises and encourage the Banking sector to desert this country by moving their Banking operations to the EU. There is but only one way to negotiate with a hard faced hard hearted ice cold and immovable government as the EU is now and that is to either walk away or be willing to negotiate in the same manner as they intend to or to completely surrender to the EU and its demands.

This the Word of the Lord God to thee

from the prophet of the Lord

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