Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus say I unto thee in as far as the claims of the opposition parliamentary party and its Leader saith the Lord God to thee at this time how many political parties in their conferences have made such promises and pledges as this parties Leader and chancellor have made and how many in the past once elected to government have fulfilled their pledges and promises to the electorate of this Nation add in totem none no not one this say I is to Me so much hot air and the for runner of many broken promises to come. It and its Leader claim that the party and its cabinet are ready to take the reins of power are thy ready to break the majority of their promises made to the electorate as have others in the past like the saying goes the proof of the pudding is in the eating will the pudding prove to be only full of hot air as soon as it is being served? It is all very well making such promises whilst in opposition but it is another matter when the reins of government are delivered into the hands of those who have made such promises and or pledges by the electorate of this country expecting them to make delivery on those promises made. There has yet to be a party elected to government on the promises and pledges made in conference and in their manifesto on which they base their claim that they are best party to govern this country when elected on that mandate find that it is easier to make promises and pledges than to fulfil them a party that is all promises and pledges and making claims on their governmental readiness in such a way and manner that this party has made usually is not the right part to govern any country for it has not considered the reality of not only governing this country but also being the head of a union as the UK is with all the ramifications of keep such a United Kingdom United having one common purpose and ambition for future security, stability and prosperity for all the people of this Nation it is all very well promising re-nationalization of key public sector services and industries and facilities which needs to be brought about but to actual accomplish that feat is another matter and will prove an almost impossible task as will the fulfilling of many other pledges and promises as first comes Brexit after which if the party in opposition becomes the next government will have to deal with all the problems and difficulties that will present both to the Nation and government which will of necessity lead to the promises made in conference and to the public at large being put on hold and how long will depend upon how long it will take for the then government and the country to meet all the challenges that a post Brexit Britain will present. So in as far as the promises which the opposition party has made they will be able to fulfil for at least in the short term two terms in office making the promise and pelages of the opposition party if in government being permanently put on hold.

This is the Word of the Lord God to thee.

from the prophet of the Lord

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