Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus say I to thee at this time that the UK holds the high ground in as far as the Brexit negotiations are concerned the reason being that when you terminate your membership of a club or an organization that is the end of thy commitment to that organization or club unless there are outstanding membership fees to be considered as say for instance a golf club once a membership has been terminate there is no negotiations as concerning the member leaving leaving they empty their locker take all their equipment and leave and once left their membership is ended. So also if a person works for a firm or corporation if that person has an open ended contract either party can terminate it when and if necessary as per afore agreed termination conditions of said contract. But in a closed contract all terms and condition must be met as are set down for the termination of such contracts upon the termination of said contracts, one example is a mobile phone contract the person or party terminating the contract must meet all the terms and condition as set down in the contract fulfilling all their obligations to the other party as so set down in the said contract. But in as far as the EU was and is concerned any all obligations to meet the demands of the EU ended with the triggering of article fifty as per the terms and conditions set down in article fifty upon application of that article which the UK government followed to the letter which in effect terminated the UK’s membership and the only issues to be negotiated are outstanding membership fees not a trade agreement only such minor issues as EU and UK residency etcetera the UK already in effect has already left the building as so to speak. But in as far as the termination of club membership and the ending of a contract if all conditions are met and all sides are satisfied with the settlement of the terms and conditions of said contracts or member ship fees then both sides must of necessity part amicably. Therefore in as far as a firm of a club making it hard for their member or a contractee to leave is either because all terms and conditions have not been met or there are other underlying or outstanding issues or reasons. Thus the above is also as with contracts between business and large firms. The only way any firm business employer or club would seek their member not to end their membership, the employee to remain in their employment or business not to leave end or terminate a contract is that the club values their member or membership fees or the employer is going to suffer the loss of an employee’s value to the firm or the firm is going to suffer from the termination of a contract economically. But in as far Nations making a trade deals with the EU in the case of the UK can only reasonably done when the UK has left the EU and is no longer a member negotiation of a trade deal whilst a member of an organization is counterproductive and can and will lead to complication a true and only solid beneficial trade deal can only be negotiated with the EU once the UK has left and does so on the same grounds as other Nations have done so with the EU. But continuing on the subject of making it difficult for the UK to leave the EU and the UK holding the high ground the reasons for making it difficult for the UK to leave the EU can only be it is going to suffer economically if Britain leaves as it will leave the EU with a membership fee or contribution black hole another is trade the EU knows that the only time a solid and binding trade deal can be negotiated with the UK is after it leaves and on the same basis as other Nations which means a termination of all trade and finance with the EU in which the EU will suffer more than the UK as the UK imports more than it exports to the EU and then there is employment status of EU workers coming to and leaving the UK because of the end of the free movement of people will suffer making it harder to work in the UK. Then there is EU tariff system not only will UK businesses have to pay tariffs to send goods to the EU but the EU companies will have to pay tariffs to transport goods to the UK. So it is in the best interest of both sides to come to amicable and beneficial settlement for both sides in these negotiations but as said the boot is not on the EU’s foot but on the UK’s. The UK really has nothing to lose in reality from an hard Brexit contrary it has all to gain but for friendship sake as an ex-member should negotiate on the basis of coming to an agreement that benefits both sides both internally in as far as Europe is concerned and globally becoming in a sense global trading partners that is if the EU wishes to benefit from the Brexit negotiations conflict by both sides benefits no one.

This is the Word of the Lord God to thee

from the prophet of the Lord

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