Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus say I saith the Lord God even the only true redeemer of all of the Holy people to the government of this Nation as afore said I unto thee that thy position in Government would not survive much longer never mind unto the next General election and as I have said many a time that a divided Part Government Nation of Union cannot stand it will inevitably fall. But now it is that I say unto thee if the party in government does get its act together and stand as one united party without any loose cannon giving vent to their ideas of or opinions as to the policies or strategies in as far as Brexit is concerned giving the media ammunition and the opportunity to imply that the Government Party is on the verge of falling apart at the seams as once was the situation no long ago that plagued the opposition party, of which a lesson by the present political party in government should by now have learned and have snipped these divisions in the bud. The failures of the Parties various policies in as far as austerity the Nation Heath service and lastly Brexit should have forewarned the party especially after the last General Election that there was a necessity to alter course and the whole structure and policies of the Governmental party. But it is that now I say unto thee that if this party does not get is act together and unite the party behind a firm solid leader who’s not afraid to kick the rebels into touch or even sack them. Thus say I in a Nation Governmental party there is no room for favourites and the Leader should have no qualms about getting rid of those who seek to divide the Party thus say I as with Me so should it be with thee your either with Me or against Me and if against Me then thou hast no part in My Kingdom in My Kingdom My will must be done and willingly so and if not then there is but one course of action banishment I do not and will not tolerate any and all forms of disobedience and rebellion against My Authority and as said so should be with the Leader of the present Party in government and if they cannot lead in this way then they have no right to be the leader of that Party in Government and should stand aside for someone who can and will lead the party and the government into the future with a firm hand on the tiller or steering wheel, for it is that if all that has been said is not heeded then not only will this Party no longer be in government it will not even be opposition party after the next General election. Thus say I also a divided leaderless Party in government is a recipe for disaster and its fall.

This is the Word of the Lord God to thee

from the prophet of the Lord

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