Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus say I unto thee at this saith the Holy One of Israel well it is that the direction of the governmental party is starting to move in the right direction but it has a long way to go in the restructuring of the whole of the Party in Government especial in as far as those that hold a place in the government itself but I say unto thee beware a change of leadership at the present time for a change in the Leadership could destabilises the whole of the government itself and the last thing this country needs is another general election and another untested Party in Government well did I say unto thee that the party in its then present state wouldn’t last much longer never mind until the next general election but one thing must be avoided is if a change of leadership is on the Parties agenda replacing the one now leading thy part with one that is at the moment as the past has proven unsuitable for the position of Leader and Prime Minister for as of old in the English courts of old the Jester belonged in front of the throne to amuse the King and the courtiers not upon the throne itself and thus this also applies to the possible Governmental Leadership challenges that have surfaces. Thus say I unto thee first comes Unity and a change of direction to meet the present challenges now facing the country and then stability and there is only one way to achieve those goals and that is a firm hand as so to speak on the tiller and the right direction chosen and the whole the crew one hundred percent in support of the leader of the government and any who are not to either to resigned or be sacked. As a ship at sea so also a Government the Captain and the crew if a successful voyage is to be plotted then the Captain and the crew need to be as one. Disunity and disharmony and a rebellious crew can only lead to mutiny. Therefore if this government if it were a ship I would warn the Captain to expect near in the future a mutiny.

This is the Word of the Lord God to thee

from the prophet of the Lord

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