Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus say I unto thee let Me saith the Lord God put before thee one fact as concerning Britains exit from the EU in as far as the EU government is concerned and that is once the EU gets what wants from the UK its goodbye Britain no trade deal no transitionary period no concesions and in as far as other issues are concerned it only wants to negotiate to its own advantage and will do and promise and say anything just solong as it gets from Britain what it has thus far claimed Britain owes it whether or not that is infact what actualy in reality Britain fully owes EU and as ye say it these are the carrots before the donkey which are the transition periode and a prosperous trade deal open or limited Irish borders and concessions on the Spainish borders with the British colony. The attitude of the EU is that Britain will fall for this desception on being offered what the EU is offering once the main issues have been agreed on to the EU’s advantage which means that Britain agrees to all the terms and conditions on the main issues thus far being negotiated on and then the EU as said afore will say goodbye Britain and the EU will state that everything else will have to be negotiated on the basis of Britain dealing with the EU as every other Nation outside of the EU has to do if it wants a trade deal and border concessions with the EU. No transitionary periode no concessions on any Borders with the EU the UK as far as the EU is concerne abandoned the EU once article fifty was triggered and the EU wants to and will abandon the UK in return once it gets what it wants from the UK. Make no mistake the EU will not budge so much as an inch in any way shape or form from its objective in as far as the Brexit negotiation are concerned.

This is thwe Word of the Lord God to thee

from the prophet of the Lord

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