Thus saith Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus say I unto thee even at this time that there are some amongst thee that advocate remaining within the EU and cancelling article fifty which they say that the triggering of article fifty is not legally binding but can be legally reversed and Britain could remain within a reformed EU but not at the core of the controlling membership of the EU what was the seven but is now the six who seek closer integration which means that the UK would be as it were on the outer core of the EU which are in the main the eastern European members states which have no say in the major decision making and running of the EU in other words Britain if it remained within the EU by cancelling article fifty but as a member on the outer core of the EU would literal be where the EU would want Britain to be under the thumb of the central core membership of which Greece was an economic example being forced to have its economy in all but name controlled by the central core of the EU. But of course there will be outright denial of the circumstances and the influence of the satellite membership on the major policies making and running of the EU central government. But even so the claims of a reversal of Brexit being legitimate in the remainers legal camp of Brexit is nonsensical in the Democratic sense one example being the General Election as the outcome of that vote is legal and binding so also is the referendum vote result legal and binding by an act of parliament and to attempt to overturn that vote is equal to seeking to overturn a General Election vote. Another example being what is the term for a ship at sea having a crew with a bad Captain seeking to replace him with a good Captain from among the crew by general consent is it not mutiny and punishable by the full weight of maritime law, are not the actions of the remainers not the same as the mutiny of a ship’s crew? Also is it not illegal to seek to overturn the vote result of the referendum, the referendum being an act of Parliament. Would a portion of the General population of the country the majority of which in a general election voted in a party to govern the country ever even consider seeking because they didn’t like the result of the vote or because they didn’t like the party or its leader or its manifesto and favoured more say the opposition party and its manifesto to overturn the General Election vote in the manner so conducted by the Brexit remainers by any means whatsoever even legal ones and would the country in general not despise such as tried to do so.

This is the Word of the Lord God to thee

From the prophet of the Lord

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