Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham and Isaac and Jacob

Thus say I saith the Holy One of Israel to all of the returned of the children of Israel no longer art thou divide betwixt Judah and Israel for thou hast become one united Kingdom of Israel the Capital city of which is Jerusalem who hath received at Mine own hand the past centuries of punishment and of banishment for all the transgressions of My people in former times and even the casting down of the House to My Holy Name by that most wicked of Empires and all that she Jerusalem My beloved city and Israel hath suffered unto this day even this day of her and all of Israel’s forgiveness of all of Israel’s and Jerusalem’s wicked rebellion and disobediences to all of My Holy Law and commandments and following after the ways of the Nations around about and going contrary to My Holy will and purposes and the forsaking of the whole of Israel of their God, creator and saviour of whom I AM THAT I AM who now saith unto thee as I have forgiven thee so now obey all of My Holy Law and Commandments as set down in My Word forsake the ways of the Nation of the Earth that walk contrary to My revealed will and purpose set down in My Word that obey not My Holy Law and Commandments even My Torah become once again children of the living God fulfil all of My revealed will and purposes for thee so set down in My Word and it is that I shall watch over thee and surround thee roundabout with My presence and protect thee from all harm and alarm and will fight against all of thine enemies to destroy them from the face of the Earth for whoever blesses thee and Jerusalem I shall bless and prosper but whomsoever curses and fights against thee I shall fight against them to destroy them and curse them with all manner of disasters plagues and diseases until they are no more. I it is saith the Holy One of Israel desire to return to thee and to have My Holy Name once more to dwell amongst thee as it was in ancient times in the House to My Name but first it is that thou must return unto Me and once more build the House wherein My Holy Name is to reside then ye O Israel and I shall once more be one I in thee and thou in Me I a father unto thee and thou children unto Me even children of the Living Eternal God and Creator of all that is was and ever shall be thy redeemer and saviour.

This is the Word of the Lord God unto thee

From the prophet of the Lord

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