Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus say I unto thee saith the Lord God of all that is was and ever shall be, that from ages past it has been declared not only in My Word but in all false religions and mythologies that there will come a day of reckoning for the whole of mankind but first there shall be a time of troubles as a prelude to that day to come as I have thus set down and warned mankind that this day is not long off so it is that the day of reckoning is near and not afar off and that as afore said the day of troubles has come upon the Earth of whirlwind and fire of storms and plagues of pestilence and famine of droughts and of wars and rumours of wars Nation against Nation and Kingdoms divided against themselves in civil strife also I declared unto thee that the weapons in My arsenal mankind has no defence against and as compared to the weapons devised by all of mankind Mine are far more devastating than any that have been and ever will be invented by mankind and has this not been recently proven so in the disasters thus far I sent upon the whole of mankind but say I this not yet has it reached the extent that men’s hearts are failing them for fear of that which is to come upon the Earth even more storms Earth Quakes and the fire and smoke of volcanoes in places and Nations wherein they have never afore come about and shall these increase upon all the Nations of the Earth which refuse to obey all of My Holy Commandments and My Moral Law as is set down in My Word and do sink deeper and deeper into all immorality and wickedness hardening their hearts towards Me and stopping up their ears to the warnings thus declared. Many there are that have been false prophet and Messiahs in the past who have declared death and destruction and those whom thou hast called prophets who have declared peace, peace when there has been no peace but wars one after the other and also false prophets of doom that have declared that My wrath would descend upon mankind and it has not been forth coming these whom I have not called nor sent and like thy story of the boy who cried wolf to many times and in the end was not believed and perished along with his sheep so have these false ones prophesied death and destruction and the end of the World was at hand when it was not that when I declared My wrath and anger was to descend upon mankind for its great wickedness immorality and disobedience to all of My Holy Law and commandments through those whom I have chosen and sent unto thee, like unto the boy who cried wolf to many times those who I have sent have not and will not be believed because of those false prophets and messiahs who have declared the end of the World and the day of Judgment was come upon mankind when it was not. But now it is that it doth draw nigh and shall come at the appointed time and day but one thing must be declared that all that has been revealed in My Word as concerning the approach of the day of reckoning wherein all of mankind shall be Judged and have to give an answer for their lives upon Earth even all of their wickedness and immorality and disobedience to My Holy Law and Commandments, the verdict shall be given and the punishment prescribed and carried out. As also those that have obeyed all of My holy Law and commandments through Faith shall also have to be Judged and give an answer for their lives on Earth even those who are righteous in Mine own eyes through the blood of the true eternal Passover Lamb even the true and only Messiah as is set down in all of My Word both what is called the Law and the prophets and that which is declared and revealed as concerning the coming and sacrifice of the true Messiah and eternal Passover Lamb these as afore said will be Judged and acquitted being consider through a righteousness not their own righteous in My sight and rewarded in the Heaven of Heavens for all eternity.

This is the Word of the Lord God to thee.

from the prophet of the Lord

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