Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus say I unto thee of the EU thou hast because of pressure placed on that region of Spain that is seeking and has declared verbally independence but has delayed the final step giving way to international as wells as the EU government to seek dialogue with the Spain’s Government but unless over whelming pressure is placed on the Spain’s government and that government gives way to the pressure applied and does hold talks with the region of Spain implementing a further delay in the final declaration of independence until the talks either break down or a peaceful agreement between that government of Spain and that regions government is reached. But this I do say unto thee that region one way or another unless force to abandon taking the final independence step will declare independence no matter whether Spain’s government agrees to it going independent or not. But in as far as dialogue with Spain’s government is concerned unless they are forced to abandon the intransigent position of the matter of Catalans independence then the dialogue between these two government will not bear fruit and will result in further aggression on the part of Spain’s Government which will result in further at first peaceful protest and acts of rebellion and finally will progress in the direction no one in Europe wants the situation to go even a first other regions of Spain supporting Catalans ambitions for independence who also desire independence. Thus in turn if Catalan does become independent by Frances declaration Catalan would be no longer a part of the EU and would have to apply for membership on the same basis as any other Nation outside of the EU meaning expulsion from the EU which in itself would result in protest from outside and within the EU. The best course of action would be for the EU when Catalan declares independence to keep it within the EU and to seek to protect it from any aggression from Spain’s government but that in effect would result in a detriment reaction from Spain’s Government threatening if the EU supported the Catalan government then Spain would be force to consider leaving the EU on the other hand as both are still a part of the EU if the EU does nothing other regions of Spain will seek independence if it supports Catalan then there would be conflict with Spain and if supporting Spain would result conflict with Catalan and other of Spain’s regions. But there are others in Spain old enough to remember the Spains civil war and the signs that lead up to it and who are now keeping their eyes on the TV’s news channels. The EU now is between a rock and a hard place that will have to in the end do all it can to defuse a situation that could possibly not necessarily lead to civil war.

This is the Word of the Lord to thee

from the prophet of the Lord.

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