Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus as it is said in My Word that there is nothing which is hidden that shall not be revealed and brought out into the light even at the time of the end when a day of reckoning comes upon the whole of mankind and as there has been brought out into the light the abuse of children by the wicked immoral men and women of mankind when investigations begun in earnest into the abuse conducted by one man upon various vulnerable children and young people that investigation that was conducted not only discovered the extent of his abuse, but also what was discovered was the tip of a mountainous ice berg of child abuse that extended throughout the whole of present day civilization revealing countless other child abusers in every walk of life from the highest in society to the lowest. Thus now another form of abuse hath be brought out into the open by those in the highest positions in the film making industry which hath thus far cantered upon one man but like as is said if you see a rat out in the open you can guarantee there are many even hundreds hidden from sight and so it is with this and other industries even amongst those who seek to reveal the hidden secret wicked, immoral acts of those who abuse the innocents of this civilization whom they have deluded into believing they can help those seeking fame and fortune to achieve their ambitions only if they do what they ask of them like spiders these are spinning their web of deception to entice their prey into the web they have weaved a glittering web called fame and fortune and once entrapped never allowed to escape. Thus as said afore all the wickedness and immorality and hidden crimes of that industry shall be brought out into the light for all to see for what hath and is thus far being revealed is the tip of another ice berg of abuse by wicked immoral people in the highest positions of this civilization who are responsible for the health and welfare safety and security of their staff and employees placed into their care of not only the film industry but other industries also. As said all shall be revealed and brought out into the light not only to be judged and condemned by mankind by Me saith the Lord God whom AM THAT I AM creator and Judged of the whole of mankind who shall Judge and punish all of mankind according to My Holy Law Will and Purposes as revealed by My Word.

This is the Word of the Lord God to thee

from the prophet of the Lord.

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