Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus say I at this time unto thee saith the Lord God and creator of mankind and the whole of creation, as concerning the situation that hath arisen upon the refusal of the American Leader to certify and agreement made by the UN security council with a Nation to remove certain sanctions if it halted its Nuclear weapons program of which it has thus far kept to the letter of that agreement made and ratified by all the members of the UN security council. Thus whilst this agreement is legal and binding by all the members of the security council of the Un and has thus far complied to in every aspect legally yet upon the basis of not keeping to the spirit of that agreement and of supporting terrorism and funding terrorist groups the American Leader has refused to certify the agreement as he has done in the past. The question must be asked is the American government guiltless in as far as the activity of supporting and funding terrorist groups not so one example being the supporting of a certain terrorist group when Russia occupied Afghanistan. Then on the other hand the UN Security Council is diametrically opposed to all terrorists groups and those that fund them yet it has made a deal with a Nation known to support terrorism and terrorist groups and organizations in the Middle East and around the World. Is this not a case of Judge not Least ye shall be Judged for with what measure ye Judge ye also shall be Judged I Judge both sides of being guilty of hypocrisy one side condemning that Nation of doing that which itself has done in the past and the other side whilst condemning all manner of terrorism terrorist groups and those that fund those terrorist groups which have caused so much death and destruction fear and horror in Europe making a deal or an agreement with a Nation know to be a supporter and funder of certain terrorist groups to halt its Nuclear program and yet allowing it to continue its funding activity, but the question I must put before thee if I Judge one of being guilty in the past of the same crime of supporting and funding a terrorist group or organization and the other being in an agreement with a known supporter of terrorists and those who fund them thus by association being guilty of the same crimes what punishment should I meet out to thee. But there is also another matter in as far as the Nuclear programs and armouries and arsenals and the vessels that carry nuclear warheads none of them can ever be used either in defence or retaliation for if any Nation was to use them against another Nation there would be immediate retaliation which would inevitably escalate globally and would make the surface of the Earth a radioactive waste land where no life could or would exist. The Nation that did use them would be committing National suicide for as soon as the Missiles carrying Nuclear warheads were launched a retaliatory strike would be launched in response and other Nuclear capable Nations would also launch their Nuclear Missile fearing that they would also be targeted resulting in a worldwide Nuclear Winter and as said a global radioactive waste land whilst even I condemn conventional weaponry and would rather all Nation live peacefully with each other and be a peace themselves these weapons are preferable to Nuclear ones, but also the maintenance and security costing if these weapons are decommissioned and abandoned would result in funding for meeting the Needs of the general population of a Nation. Not saying that the defence of the Nation is a priority but also is the health welfare and the prosperity and employment of a Nation a greater priority than maintaining a Nuclear deterrent that can and will never be used and is and has crippled economically quite a few Nations and is doing so at the present time even North Korea.

This is the Word of the Lord God to thee

From the prophet of the Lord

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