Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus say I unto thee that which I have warned thee of which is to come upon the whole of Europe has begun and will continue even unto the extent of which I have struck southern, central and Nothern America with whirlwind, fire, tornado, volcanic activity and hurricains and earth quake which is not at an end but will continue on the American continents for considerably longer or until the whole of the American continents turn from their wicked and immoral ways in every aspect of their lives and turn to living a pure and upright existence in obedience to all of My Holy moral Laws and Commandments as set down in My Word for thus it is now that for ages past I have held back from punishing mankind for all their wickedness and immorality and unbelief and the breaking of My Holy Laws and Commdanments as mankind has deserved to be thus punished but that now is at an end as the whole of mankind has and is and shall bear witness to. My Wrath and anger and the punishment of the wicked shall descend upon the wicked of the Earth even as acts of wickedness immorality and the breaking of My Holy Law are commited no longer shall I refrain from Judging and punishing mankind. But thus I give warning to the whole of Europe that the full fury of My wrath and anger shall descend upon the whole of Europe for I have wrighed the Nations in the balances of My Just Judgment and have found all the Nation of Europe guilty of great wickedness immorality of the neglect of the poor and needy of living off the fat of the Land and other Nations whilst those of other Nations are in desperate need spending all thine excess on that which is not bread even on usless project the cost of which could feed many countless people of the poor destitue and persicuted peoples of the Earth of this I say how would it be if I caused them and their Nations to as thine and thine as theirs whould that not on My part be an act of Just punishment upon thee for thy waste and neglect of thy duty to others as I have so set down in My Word. Thus as said if thou doth truen from thy wicked immoral and corrup ways and do attend to that which is thy duty to perform for the needy of the Earth and do seek to even attempt to obey all of MY Holy Law and commandments then it is that My wrath and anger shall be held in abyance but if not then most asuredly My Wrath and anger shall be poured out upon according to My Just Judgment of all the Nations of Europe exculding none.

This is the Word of the Lord God to thee

from the prophet of the Lord.

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