Thus saith the Lord God of of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus say saith the Lord God unto thee of the Nations especially to that mighty Mountain that hath exalted itself to the heights of the heaven of heavens ye who hath gloated over the demise and downfall and the casting out of My people and their exile from the land of promise. Long ago I said unto thee that there would come a day when I would return My People to their own land even that land I gave unto Abraham and his decedents forever even the Land of Israel and when they had taken possession and established themselves in the land and did once more call that Land their home and named it once more with the Name I gave unto it even Israel that I should descend upon thee O might Mountain to cast thee down in Judgment to the deepest depths of Sheol forever thus even so at this time O mighty mount doth thy Judgment approach even the time of thy destruction thou might mountain whose Name is the modern Name for Babylon the Great and many shall mourn over thee and say of modern Babylon when I cast thee down Babylon the Great who held sway over all the Earth even that Nation which is considered the mightiest on Earth Babylon the Great has fallen has fallen even that mighty mountain which hath exalted itself to the heights of the heaven of heavens even unto My very throne is by MY hand cast down and hath become a wasteland a cursed land empty of all human habitation a Nation that I have Judge found wanting a cast down to the very depths of Sheol. That one who hath scorned the chance to redeeming itself and said I have no need of redemption for none can stand against me and the might of my armies what need have I of the Holy One of Israel what need I of God for our scientist have proven that the Universe was created by a massive explosion and all the stars and planets came into existence from the source of that explosion many billions of years ago forming stars and planets and galaxies and upon them came into existence the first signs of life that evolved into the creatures and the plant life and mankind over many millions of years. Thus said I of these long ago that I should make of them a laughing stock that I should bring to nought all their theories and prove these scientists are but the victims of a great delusion perpetrated by the Adversary and so hath it been and so shall it come to pass that the truth will out and their downfall shall come upon them in one day to their shame and the contempt of all of mankind. Thus it is that I shall hold them in derision and shall prove all their theories for what they are and who their true author is.

This is the Word of the Lord God to thee

from the prophet of the Lord.

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