Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus say in as far as the Brexit negotiations are concerned one thing needs to be emphasised and that is if this situation continues for much longer as I said afore the harm that will be done to both Unions the EU and the UK will be catastrophic and a prolonged transition period will only exasperate the situation and will cause the relationship between both the EU and the UK to suffer so much so that relations will in the end result in the UK being cut off in effect from the EU by the negotiations deal being a no deal scenario what is a no deal scenario is asked by many? One example is the relationship between Britain and the European Nations when Henry the Eighth because of the refusal of Rome to in effect give him the means to dissolve his marriage to the then Queen his wife so that he could remarry. Thus say I unto thee a hard Brexit will cause both the EU and the UK to suffer and a soft Brexit on the part of the UK will cause the UK to suffer though it has to be said that on the surface the position of the EU is beginning to soften and the UK is becoming more and more willing to compromise upon the EU’s demands for a settlement of outstanding commitments and the debt that the EU claims the UK owes the EU if the negotiations are like unto business negotiations where one is seeking to buy out another Business the buyers opening bid is the lowest to be reasonably offered without instant rejection and both parties walk away from the table likewise the other selling seeks to get what they consider what their business is worth and then add a percentage as a starting point both then start to negotiate one increasing their offer the other decreasing the price they would consider accepting until both parties meet in the middle price wise and contracts are signed so also with the EU and UK the UK has obviously started with what it considers a reasonable offer and the EU in response has set their level of what they consider the UK owes the EU if both stuck to their original positions then it results in a no deal scenario and then all relations political economical financial and in as far as Trade and financial services are concerned are terminated make no mistake that this scenario was almost in sight and to a certain extent still is and the more this is drawn out even by a further couple of months the no deal scenario will begun to knock at the Brexit negotiations door. Neither side wants a no deal Brexit although both sides hate the thought of a no deal Brexit it is still there on the horizon and will remain so until these negotiation begin to advance dramatically. At the moment both sides are harming their own Unions both politically and economically because both sides are generating an atmosphere of uncertainty by their actions when in fact they should be reassuring the financial and business sectors that the outcome of the Brexit negotiations will be to the benefit of both the EU and the UK and produce evidence to support that claim uncertainty is a disaster begging to happen certainty produces confidence and promotes both trade and investment.

This is the Word of the Lord God to thee.

From the prophet of the Lord

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