Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus saith the Lord God of the Heavens and the Heaven of Heavens to thee of Europe I have declare unto thee that unless thou doth turn from all thy wicked immoral and disobedient ways and obey all of My Holy Commandments Law even My Moral Law even as it is so set down and revealed in My Word that the disasters with which I have struck the continent of America, which is not at an end, so shall I strike as promised all the Nations of Europe from West to the furthest reaches of Eastern Europe and thus far I have struck the western Edge of Europe as but a warning of that which is to come upon all of the European Nations and thus as it was and is but a warning to the American continent so shall it be a warning to the Nations of Europe for thus only have I struck those Nations of the American continent only destroying mainly property and possessions not lives but if that continent continues upon the path of wickedness immorality unbelief and total disobedience of all of My Holy Laws and commandments I shall have no alternative but to punish North Central and Southern America as I have done in the past with many Nations struck them in wrath and anger until either obedience is forth coming or totally destroy them that they exist not any longer upon the Earth. Thus as it is with the American continent so shall it be with Nations of Europe one by one each Nations shall suffer those disasters of whirlwind and storm fire and a trembling of the Earth and only the lives of those whose time upon the Earth is coming to an end shall be taken. Thus it is that I sent out first warnings to all the Nations of the Earth of My Wrath and anger to come upon all disobedient immoral and wicked Nations of the Earth who walk contrary to all of My Holy Law and Commandments of all those that shed the blood of their fellow human beings without cause who seek to persecute the poor and destitute of those who live in the lap of luxury without any consideration for the poor starving and down trodden of the Earth of those who pollute not only the seas of the Earth but also the space around the Earth but all My warnings fell upon deaf ears and the guilty Nations of mankind started to harden their heart against Me blatantly seeking ever to provoke Me to anger by their actions and lives well thus it was that as I am a merciful God having no joy in the death of the wicked seeing that mankind took no heed of My Word of Warning that if I punished mankind by sending disasters upon the Nations taking away not their lives but their possession then perchance mankind would take heed and turn from their wickedness immorality unbelief and disobedience to My Holy Law Commandments and take heed of My Word but the hearts of mankind have thus far hardened all the more and their ears have been stopped up to My Word for mankind seeks not to see nor to hear nor to soften their hearts nor to obey all of My Word Holy Law or any of My commandments. Thus it has to be that all those Nations which walk upon the path of hardness of heart deafness of ears blindness of eyes and an outright rebellion against Me and My Word must be punished even according to My Holy Law and Commandments as is revealed and set down in My Word thus say I have been as merciful as I can be and have been as patient and understanding for many hundreds of years but sadly that of necessity must end and My Just Judgement demands that Justice must be done and must been seen to be done before any of mankind will believe and turn and obey My Holy Law and Commandments. If mankind is determined to go down this road then it is that mankind will come before Me their creator in Judgment and be Judged by My Holy Law and Commandments and thus condemned for all eternity to be banished from the Kingdom of Heaven and cast out into outer darkness.

This is the Word of the Lord God unto thee

From the prophet of the Lord

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