Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus say I says the Lord God of creation and of the whole Earth that there are two Nations now to be Judged and if found wanting shall be cast down even unto the dust of the ground for I shall strike both of these with whirlwind and fire and a trembling off the Earth beneath their feet and as one hath not had mercy on those of it population it has through violence murder and rape caused to flee from out of that Nation so shall I not have mercy upon that Nation to hold back the fury of My wrath and anger for all that thy have done to these peoples especially the children that I cherish the most. Once Judged once proven guilty and My verdict given and the punishment declared then shall wrath and anger and death and destruction fall thereon. This is one of two Nations hat wear the sheep skin of democracy but whose hearts are like unto devouring wolves that have nought in their mind but to devour their prey, but even wolves are not as these for wolves do not kill unnecessarily and these do. But also I say of their government ignorance is no excuse to allow the suffering and the casting out of these people from thy land for it shall be thou who art firstly responsible for the acts of thy police and military. But there is another that wear the sheep skin of democracy that underneath still wears the cloak of the tyranny of dictatorship that will not allow a self ruling region of its Nation to be independent which if it continues shall reap the reward of that which in that land caused so muh death and destruction in a civil war of which it hath put itself in danger of by instituting the removal of self rule from one of its regions and will by force enforce its decision on that region by drafting into it first extra police and then the military this Nations government seems to have forgotten first what it was like to be ruled by a dictator and to suffer the death and destruction of a civil war. One Nation allowed one it’s devolved Nations to vote for independence the vote of which resulted in a vote against, but and if it had been for then that Nation would have gained its independence. To forcefully stop an independence vote and to virtually impose martial law without first seeking dialogue to curtail and illegal referendum and discuss with the Leaders of that region the possibility of a future legal referendum where all the population of the region are given the chance vote on independence with the possibility of a no vote result is not a Democratic Government in any way shape or form but a dictatorship pretending to be a democratic Government.

This is the Word of the Lord God to thee

From the prophet of the Lord

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