Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus saith the Holy One of Israel the true and only living eternal creator and redeemer of mankind in as far as the Government and Leader of North Korea is concerned the stage of the development of North Koreas nuclear arsenal if proven to be fact and not fiction for as yet no surface Nuclear tests have taken place anywhere in North Korea any Nation with enough explosive material can simulate an underground nuclear test. But on the assumption that their nuclear capability is factual and is now at a stage wear by it has become a critical threat to the Nations of the Earth this Nation and its Leader should have been by any means possible stopped from reaching the stage its at before now. For this one will not hesitate to threaten the Cities of any Nation on Earth especially America with a Nuclear strike on one of its cities if it does not give into the Leader of North Koreas demands taking evidence from the treatment of his own people be under no illusion that he will have no second thought if his nuclear capability is as is to destroy a Western City if his demands are not met for his impression of the West is that at all costs after the destruction of the Japanese cities the west in his mind will hesitate at all costs to use Nuclear weapons even on North Korea in effect as the Isis terrorists used human shields to deter the west from attacking I.S. targets so this one will use his own people as human shields to deter the west from using any other weapons than conventional ones of which North Korea is totally out matched so if military action now by the west to put a stop to the Leader of North Korea is used it is a foregone conclusion North Korea will resort to Nuclear Weapons immediately. Thus now because of the reluctance of the west and china to put an end to the ambitions of a Leader such as North Korea has the there is a distinct possibility that the World is on the brink of its first Nuclear war. This one by any means possible has to be stopped before the actual stage of Nuclear war is reached.

This is the Word of the Lord God to thee.

From the prophet of the Lord

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