Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus saith I unto the governments of Europe as I said afore time that I will strike the Nations of Europe as I have so struck the American Continent and so shall it be as shall the inevitable collapse of the EU come to pass which hath already begun and shall continue for though it appears not outwardly on the surface the EU is falling apart at the seams the fault being the intractability and hard line attitude of its central government unwilling to meet the requests of certain of its member states on critical issues relating to the free movement of people in as far as the terrorist threat and border security amongst other major issues even in as far as greater integration and the loss of National identity is concerned as the situation in Spain has revealed that National Identity real does matter. But only thus far has it been that I have only struck North America and the Islands of the Americas the Caribbean and the central American Nations but as I said this is not an end of it for yet has the full fury of My wrath and anger to strike the Nations of South America by whirlwind and fire, by storms and hurricanes and the rumbling of the Earth beneath the feet, but upon these Nations shall follow disease and plague and famine such as hath never been seen or witnessed thereon. But a warning goes out to all the Nations that unless obedience to My Holy Law and Commandments by that Faith as set down in My Word is forth coming then not only upon these Nations shall disaster strike but upon all the Nations of the Earth for a great storm shall arise as hath been prophesied in My Word which saith that the Nations of the Earth shall not go unpunished for I shall call forth a sword to strike the inhabitants of the Earth. That I shall roar from on high even from upon My throne in My Holy Habitation a roar as that of the mightiest of Lions and the noise thereof shall be heard throughout all Nations for I have warned the Nations I have pleaded with all of mankind to turn from their wickedness and immorality and from disobeying My Holy Law and Commandments and to turn from their unbelief but mankind’s ears remain deaf to My Word and their hearts remain as hard as the nether millstone, so as I have said I will give the wicked over to the sword this I promise as I live saith the Lord God so shall it be done. Thus shall I raise in a day a great whirlwind from the furthest reaches of the Earth and in that day I shall cause it to strike the whole Earth and those slain from it in that day shall be from one end of the Earth to the other end these shall not be mourned over nor buried but shall be as refuse upon the face of the Earth.

This is the Word of the Lord God to thee

from the prophet of the Lord

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