Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus say I unto thee at this time that many have searched for the Garden that in the beginning I planted Eastward in Eden and many have claimed to have found its location but one thing seems to have escaped them and that is Noah’s flood. Yea indeed the Garden was still there before the flood and all humanity before the flood knew where it was and many there are who sought to gain entry but the Seraphim one of like unto those who stand on the four corners of My throne guarded the only way into the garden with a flaming sword pointing in every direction so that none may enter. Thus did the flood cover the whole Earth as mankind calls it and wiped clean the surface thereof of all the wicked inhabitants of the Earth but I protected the tree of life and the Garden from the effects of the flood by removing it until the effects of the flood had passed. But it shall not be returned until the creation of the New Heavens and the new Earth have been created and at the centre shall be the tree of Life and the heavenly Jerusalem My Holy City wherein I shall dwell amongst My creation. But the Garden shall be where it once was upon the Earth and the Heavenly Jerusalem shall be where the city of Jerusalem now stands at the centre of My Garden and at the very centre of Heavenly Jerusalem shall be the tree of life and the river of life shall flow there from throughout all of the Earth. Thus now say I unto thee this is a mystery the answer of which is right in front of thine eyes and hath been so from the beginning when I cast forth mankind from My Garden when mankind fell, Where then is the Location of My Garden of Eden. But as said before the end and before the New Heavens and the New Earth after Judgement day are created there shall be a time of great trouble destruction and the Judging of the Nations of the Earth many shall fall and be destroyed and many shall be raised up in righteousness and obedience to My Holy Law and Commandments through Faith in the true and only Messiah before the end shall come and the new creation begin.

This is the Word of the Lord God to thee.

from the prophet of the Lord

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