Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob.

Thus saith the Lord God the true and only redeemer any Nation that professes to be a Democratic Nation yet seeks to or doth impose its will be force on its people no matter how it seeks to justify its actions is not democratic in any way shape or form and should be by all true Democratic Nations be termed and considered a Dictatorship and should be ostracised by all true Democratic Nations and any Union of Nations that has a part of that Union such an one that is in essence a Dictatorship posing as a Democratic Nation can in effect because it tolerates such a Nation as part of its Union no longer be termed a truly democratic Union of Nations but in effect a wolf in sheep’s clothing pretending to be what it is not. Such also is a Union of Nations professing to be Democratic Union of Nations if it seeks to impose its will by force on the Nations or peoples of that Union then it is no longer a Democratic Union of Nations but in essence a Dictatorial Union of Nations as were many of the Empires of old. Thus if one Nation now a part of the EU doth by force impose its will on the people of one of its regions seeking independence then that Nation though professing to be a Democratic Nation can no longer considered as a Democratic Nation but a dictatorship and by association no longer can the EU truly call itself a Democratic Union of Nations. This also applies to the secret or open threats against any part of a Nation with force or other punitive measures to impose the will of any Central Government on the people or region of any Nation that seeks so to do. Such as these are by Me considered accursed and it is that the full fury of My wrath and anger shall befall such to the extent of their downfall.

This is the Word of God to thee

from the prophet of the Lord

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