Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus say I unto thee at this time in as far as Dictatorships are concerned in comparison to My Kingdom it is not a dictatorship only those who are willing to become part of My Kingdom are allowed to enter no one and I emphasise no one is forced to do so and also no one is or can be forced to obey any of My Holy Law and Commandments but and this is the big but those who are unwilling to become part of My Kingdom are and must be banished from My Kingdom and eventually from My creation for it is that in My Kingdom My Will must be done though it must be done willingly by all of those who are thus joined unto Myself and My kingdom and this is where it behoves Me to revealed the true cause of the fall of mankind though both the adversary and Eve where involved they were not the cause just the instruments of testing mankind as a whole whether mankind would refuse the temptation put in front of man or if man and mankind as a whole would give into the temptation, that mankind would willingly obey My commandment not to eat of the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil of if he by his own will gave into the temptation and disobey My commandment and go his own way by his own will thus the real cause of Mans and therefore Mankind’s fall is Mankind’s own will which doth continue unto this day but it was not only the fall of mankind but the fall of the adversary and his followers who decided to rebel and in effect go their own way which meant they could no longer remain in the Kingdom of the heaven of heavens and were thus cast down also to the Earth to await their final Judgment for rebellion against Me and My Kingdom and as mankind was the chief of My creation which I put in charge of was also because mankind fell Judged and the punished along with mankind. For as said the full responsibility to care for and protect the whole of creation was place in the care and charge of mankind and thus suffered the same punishment of death physical though not spiritually along with mankind for mankind when they fell did die physically and spiritually not so the creatures of the Earth as they came out from Me being a part of Me so after death they would return unto Me being innocent of the actual act of rebellion for it was mankind that rebelled and fell not the creatures of the Earth. But as was set down in My word the means of escaping the final Judgment and punishment thereof was promised in the coming of a Messiah and saviour that if any believed in the promised Messiah and saviour they would be redeemed and save from the wrath to come and after death they would in Judgment be acquitted as righteous in My sight through the promised Messiah and saviour and would enter into the Kingdom of the heaven of heavens forever. But the way of escape and return unto Me through the promised Messiah was as I so set it down that it would be My way and My way only and that in obedience to My Holy Will Willingly by those who desired so to return and to come at last to dwell forever and ever in the Kingdom of the heaven of heavens even My Kingdom. So as you see mankind’s fall and the casting out of the garden and the execution of the punishment so declared in that if mankind did eat of the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil in that instant of disobedience I declared mankind would in Adam most surely die the cause indeed was and is the will of mankind in opposition to My Will saith the Holy One of Israel. Remember that which ye call the Lords prayer “let thy will be done on Earth as it is in heaven of heavens”.

This is the Word of the Lord God unto thee.

from the prophet of the Lord.

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