Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus saith the Lord God and saviour of mankind unto thee at this time many are there are that are Brexit scaremongers who claim that when the UK Leaves the EU after Brexit no matter what the eventual deal is that it will be catastrophic for the UK’s economy trade and investment also for buisnesses and the Jobs market especialy in as far as migrant workers. But one question must be asked how can they know what the outcome for the UK will be after Leaving the EU are they speaking from experience of a Britain in a free trading open global market without the restriction and tariffs imposed on it by the EU I know that is not so for they would have had to be born before the two World wars that caused global suffering for all the Nations of the Earth especially in as far as trade was concerned in the period between the two wars none of the Nations especially Europe fully recovered before the outbreak of the second World war so only those from say the Victorian era can really claim to know the trading potential of the UK after Brexit of which none are alive at the present. But then it was one of if not the major trading Nations of the World and after leaving the EU if Britain achieves even a fraction of the trading potential of its former Empire then it will become a major player on the Worlds global trading stage thus say I free trading on a global scale leads to prosperity, growth and investment for all. Restrictive trading by the imposition of rules and regulations and tariffs leads to National stagnation limited investment little or no economic growth and in the case of a Union only the central governing bodies benefiting from such a system of government. Only inexperienced fools make unsubstantiated claims as to the potential outcome of a Nation seeking to become free from the choking restrictions of a central government seeking to impose its will not only on it but on all its other member Nations or states the proof of which is revealed in its desire for closer integration and a single military body which implies that, that government is seeking to go in the same direction and has the same ambitions as many others have had in the distant and not too distant past. But I do say this in as far as the prosperity of the UK is concerned as I have so said in the past obedience to My Holy Word Moral Law and Commandments will secure prosperity for this Nation as I have done so in the past when this was as others put it a truly God fearing Nation and Empire. Thus My Word says “that the beginning of wisdom is the fear of (humble respect of and for)the Lord God.” But the opposite is also true unbelief rebellion and disobedience disrespect and a harden hearted attitude of any Nations leads to a fall and poverty and famine disease and becoming the off scouring of the Earth. From which there is no recovery but certain destruction so as with such a Nation so also the same with a civilization both blind leaders of the blind both of which shall fall into the bottomless pit even that place thou doth call hell

This is the Word of the Lord God to thee.

from the prophet of the Lord

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