Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus I say unto thee that there are those in this country and in politics by their rhetoric stating that Britain is a subject Nation incapable of standing on its own two feet as an independent sovereign Global trading Nation on the Worlds stage that in fact it is so dependent on the EU that Britain’s will become when it leaves the EU in as far as politics and trade are concerned a second rate Nation having little or no influence in the politics of other Nations of the World also that because this countries economical structure will suffer after leaving because Britain will have to establish fresh free trade deals with the rest of the World which could take time to establish with other Nations. Those who seek to run British capability to the wall cannot be truly British and in former times would have been classed as unworthy of being called British at all because they lack the confidence in the capability and the spirit of their own Nation. If these are so set on the EU let them depart and go and live in the EU I am sure they would be welcome and appreciated as patriotic EU citizens. But also they seemed to have forgotten the history of the United Kingdom that until the first World War the British Empire was the most powerful and successful Empire in the World and had gone from being a conquered Nation after the Norman conquest to become the World’s only Super power that if it still existed at this time as an Empire would far outstrip the present super powers of the World. Two World wars and mistakes through the arrogant treatment of its colonise saw the end of the British Empire but that being said was the only Nation in the second world war to stand against Hillers third Reich and survive to instigate an allied invasion of Europe and the defeat of Nazis occupied Europe. But not only did Britain resist Hitler’s European forces but supplied Russia with arms materials and food to help defeat Hitler’s Eastern front. But even after the War stood on its own two feet helping the restructuring of a war ravaged Europe and was not dependent on any one in any way until Joining the EU. So those that state that Britain will not only suffer economically after leaving the EU but will fall apart at the seams and become a second class Nation are not living in the real world but in cloud cuckoo land. But the final sign of the resurgence of the British Sprit is Brexit and after leaving this British |Nation will go from strength to strength and become a major political trading Nation if it becomes as it was before a “truly God fearing Nation.”

This is the Word of the Lord God unto thee

From the prophet of the Lord

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