Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus say I saith the Lord of Hosts even the creator of all that exist for without Me saith the Lord nothing that doth exist could or can exist. Thus say | even at this time as afore said that all the hidden things of darkness even all of the hidden immoral wickedness that exist in this Nation is being and shall indeed brought out into the light of day and all those who are guilty of committing such great immoral wickedness are being and shall be revealed not one who hath committed such wicked immorality in secret shall remain hidden from the sight of all of mankind and shall be Judge by Me saith the Holy One of Israel and as so said shall be punished even according to the requirements of My Holy Moral Law and Commandments none no not one be assured shall escape their Just due punishment and as said also shall those that have tolerate such an ones and have even hidden their wickedness so that they have escaped Justice for their crimes these I shall also punish they to shall be brought out into the open for all to see and their crimes revealed and shall be put to shame for their crimes of hiding these wicked and immoral criminals that as said have preyed on the young the weak and the vulnerable neither they nor those who have protected them shall escape the full fury of My wrath and anger but also the society that has suspected such things have gone on behind the scenes and yet have chosen not to act on theirs suspicions because if in the end their suspicions if they acted on them and proved that what they suspected was actually happening would uncover such a scandal that would rock the Nation to it foundations. But also as said before this Nation was once known by all as a God fearing Nation but now it seems that the sun is setting on what was once a truly God fearing Nation and as that sun is setting so is My Grace and Favour towards this Nation setting and if that sun doth set so shall the prosperity success and standing in the World set and once set shall never again rise and thy aims, ambitions, endeavours and hope for a prosperous future especially in as far as Brexit is concerned shall become like sand in a sand storm of the desert passing by never to be seen again. Poverty no prosperity shall be at thy heels famine not plenty but if this Nation doth turn from the direction it is travelling in and once more becomes as said a God fearing Nation prosperity and not poverty success in all of thine endeavours shall be for thee as certain as the sun doth rise and set from day to day. Thus it shall be if I am with thee none can stand against thee and can ever defeat thee and as I was with thee in the second World war to protect thee and ensure thy victory in the end, so shall I be with thee to protect thee and surround thee roundabout with My everlasting grace and favour and overshadow thee with My presence as I am with Israel so shall I be with thee. So the choice is thine grace and favour prosperity and success or wrath and anger Judgment and poverty and failure in all of thine endeavours aims and ambitions shall plague thee until the end of time.

This is the Word of the Lord God to thee

from the prophet of the Lord

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