Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus say I unto thee how are the mighty fallen cast down from their lofty towers of power to the dust of the ground because of the their hidden transgression not only in the disobedience to My Holy Law and commandments but for their crimes of preying on the weak and vulnerable. But as said this shall not end in any way whatsoever until all the servants of darkness are brought out into the light and all of their crimes revealed to their everlasting shame. No longer shall those that commit these wicked immoral crimes go unpunished along with all of those who have helped them to hide so that their crimes go unpunished. As many say that what hath be thus far revealed is but the tip of a mountainous ice Berge but even that is a tiny comparison as to that which doth remain hidden. Well it is that many that are guilty of committing immoral crimes against the weak the vulnerable and the innocent that are still hidden tremble in the darkness in fear of their crimes coming out into the light knowing in the depths of their hearts what punishment awaits them both from the Laws of mankind and even more so when they are brought before Me to be Judged for though they can hide the extent of their crimes from the Justice system of mankind as many now imprisoned hath done. They will never be able to hide their crimes from Me when they come before My Judgment seat for their souls shall be searched out unto perfection. Thus whilst the punishment of mankind is far to lenient upon all criminals especial on those who commit such immoral wicked crimes, but not only upon these but also upon all murderers terrorist people traffickers and kidnapers these also escape true Just Judgment and punishment at the hands of mankind when Judged and convicted. But whilst this is so in as far as the punishment of criminals by mankind’s Justice system especial in as far as the wicked immoral crimes carried out by these criminals none no not one person of mankind can escape the punishment due for the their crimes when Judged and convicted by Me when they come before My Judgment seat. But it shall be Just Judgment with full proof of their crimes for the evidence that I shall provide shall be by the light of divine truth as shall all of the crimes of mankind for it is that each one shall have their crimes displayed before their very eyes unto perfection even it shall be as though they are re-living their crimes over again then the punishment for their crimes shall be announced and applied. Thus say I as I have declared so shall it be and so must it come pass even the day of reckoning for all the crimes of mankind in the breaking of or disobedience to of My Most Holy Moral Law and Commandments as I in My Word hath revealed so must it be and so shall it come to pass. As said many a time Justice must be done and must be seen to be done upon all of mankind.

This is the Word of the Lord God to thee

from the prophet of the Lord

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