Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus saith I unto thee not one Nations Government of the Earth shall escape the revelation of all their corrupt, wicked and immoral practices which they have kept hidden until this time all shall be brought out into the open for all of their people to see and if they refrain from punishing those guilty in their Governments of committing such great immorally wicked and corrupt crimes when they are brought out into the open to be seen by all of their peoples then these shall I Judge and duley punish according to that of which My Most Holy Law and Commandments demands as punishment the Laws of the Nations are Not My Laws even though the Nations profess to base their Laws upon My Law and commandments. Thus is and has and ever shall be that from the least to the greatest of persons and from the Least to the greatest of Nations all shall be Judge and punished not according to the Laws and commandments of mankind but according to My Holy Law and commandments and thus it hath begun the Judging of all of the Nations of the Earth first all the hidden things of darkness of the Nations shall be brought forth out into the light and then the Judging and the punishing of the Governments of the Nations and those who have committed those crimes and then the Nations for their crimes against their own people and those committed against other Nations Kingdoms and States shall be Judged and punished. But think ye not that all the crimes of the institutions corporations and organization no matter what they be shall escape Judgment and punishment and the revelations of all the hidden crimes/sins they have committed against others and against the innocent and vulnerable of mankind these shall not escape whether it be from the least of the Charities to mightiest corporation institution business or organizations of all the Nations of the Earth not one shall escape My Just Judgment of them. As said these days are set for the rise and fall of many Governments Organizations corporations and institutions of the Nations of the Earth even the security and military forces shall also be judged. Thus those that are wicked and corrupt shall be cast down into the dust of the Earth and those that are innocent of all the wicked and immoral crimes against any and all of mankind and the breaking of My Most Holy Law and Commandments they it is that shall prosper even unto the heights of the heavens and prosperity. Corruption in the end profits no one and leads to the fall of the corrupt. Honesty and openness is profitable to all. Light as the light of day reveals all and none come to harm darkness as the darkness of the darkest night hides all and causes the unwary to stumble and fall. Thus say I unto thee as concerning the punishment due for all the Crimes of the Nations and their Governments their Institutions, Corporations, Businesses and Organisations they shall be punished according to My Most Holy Law and Commandments where forgiveness and mercy is asked of Me for those crimes Mercy and forgiveness can be given if it is ask for in honest openness confessing the crimes/sins committed in deep humility sincerely repenting of those crimes/sins according to the manner and way set down in My Word so shall it be given for I have no Joy whatsoever in the punishment and death of even the wicked but it is that I would rather be forgiving and be merciful. But as revealed in My Word and in My Law and Commandments there are certain crimes/sins that are unforgivable but still it is with a heavy heart punishment for those who commit such crimes shall have to be executed upon them.

This is the Word of the Lord God to thee

from the prophet of the Lord

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