Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus saith the Lord God unto thee of the Nations of the Earth thus far have I been lenient with mankind thus far have I tolerate the immorality the wickedness the idolatry the murder the debate the deceit the war mongering down treading by Evil Tyrants and Dictators of the weak the poor the homeless the elderly sick the disabled the persecution and the past cruelty of all of those who belong unto Me even the Holy People and all those who believed in Me through the true promised Messiah the eternal Passover Lamb without spot or blemish who was destined to be sacrifice upon the alter of Judgment to take away all the transgressions, sins and crimes of all of those who were to come to be washed clean in His blood He having met the due payment that My Just Judgment demanded so that they would be pure Holy and righteous in My sight and that the angel of death when Judgment day came about and the wicked and unrepentant and the disobedient of mankind where cast by the angel of death into the bottomless pit would upon the sight of His blood upon them as in Egypt Passover them and they would enter into their rest before My Throne in My presence forever being the children of the Living eternal infinite King of Kings and Lord of Lords even the Most Holy One of Israel. Thus as said I have tolerated mankind’s wickedness disobedience immorality idolatry and the oppression of those weaker than themselves and the persecution of those who are of Me and even all of My Children throughout the ages by Wicked and evil Tyrants and Dictators but no longer will I do so for as I have said in times past vengeance is Mine saith the Lord I will repay mankind for all of its wicked immoral and evil rebellious acts from this time forth even upon them that slaughter the innocents of mankind upon those who make war upon innocent defenceless civilians who commit all manner of sacrilege of those who do pollute the place wherein once My Most Holy Name resided and think ye not ye of Israel who belong not unto Me who follow after the ways of the Nations thou shalt escape My Just Judgement and the punishment thereof which is thy Just due thou wilt not for of all the Nations of mankind thou art supposed to be a Holy and Righteous Nation a shine light in the Darkness of this wicked and rebellious generation, beware and repent for if thou doth continue upon the path thou art upon now thou shalt be twice condemned and most assuredly cast into the deepest depths of Sheol for it shall be that the righteous shall shine even as the brightest stars of the heavens but the wicked shall no more be seen upon the Earth in the very near future.

This is the Word of the Lord God to thee

From the prophet of the Lord.

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